Need help! I need to find 2 simplified characters


I am looking for 2 simplified words, can you please help?

  1. 火部首 俊 (不是人部首)
  2. 山部首 尧


焌 1) jun4, 燃火 to burn, blaze
2) qu1, a) 火燒; 燒燙 to burn b)火滅 c)一種烹調方法 a method of cooking d)黑 black

嶢 yao2,
a) in yao2yao2 (redoubled): 高貌; (of mountains) towering; (of people) upright
b)高; 高遠 (of mts) tall
c)關名 name of a strategic pass

The Hanyu Da Zidian is perfect for this kind of search. 漢語大字典. H

Thanks a lot. You are so kind.

By the way, is this 嶢 traditional right? No simplified?

Sorry, I forgot to convert it into simplified for you. Right, the 嶢 yao2 is the traditional version; you can just change the 堯 yao2 to 尧 if you’re writing in simplified, producing 峣. The difference is merely orthographic.


Thanks a lot.

NOw, I am able to key in and update my family record.