Need help identifying restaurant

about a year ago i flew over here for a quick visit on china air(yes, yes, i know). in their inflight mag was an article where some reporter got some suggestions for taipei restaurants from a group of local foodies. in the description of one, it said that their signature dish was a dessert made with apples(and maybe other fruits) and a syrup/caramel. the fruit and syrup are then put into iced water whereby the syrup/caramel hardens and then it’s taken out and served. have since forgotten where i wrote the name of this place down. trying to find out where this place is as this sounds like quite an interesting dish. wondering if anyone has encountered anything similar in any places here in taipei? i’m hoping it’s not just like the candied whatevers on a stick at the night markets. anyway, if anyone has been to a place like this, i’d appreciate the name so i can go try it out sometime.


Don’t know the restaurant. But the dish is called “Ba Si Ping Guo.” You quarter an apple, cook until soft, then pour a piping hot syrup made from sugar and water over the top. When I have eaten it, it is served with a bowl of cold water on the table. You pick up a hot bit of syrupy apple, dip it in the water, which cools it down and hardens the syrup to a crisp coating.

Its basically toffee-apple.

thanks for the reply, imybf. i guess it doesn’t really matter what this particular restaurant is. if someone could just suggest a good place to try this dish, i’d be forever grateful! :slight_smile:

OH!! I LOVE THIS DISH… I used to have it all the time when I was in Beijing.


OK… I have some friends checking for a restaurant. Apparently, in Taipei, its more common to do the dish with sweet potato. I would therefore ask at Beijing-style restuarants - Xilai Shun, King Join, etc… Hopefully will get some ideas.

Yeah, potatoes just aren’t quite as good :frowning:

Looks like I may have to take a trip to the mainland to feed my need !

Sorry - empty-handed on the restaurant… If you have a Chinese word processor, try a google search in Chinese… I believe the characters are ba (as in to pull) si (as in thread) and then pingguo (apple)… the idea being that as you pick up a piece of the apple, the syrup pulls in threads all mozzarella-like…


Yes, I ate this dish for the first time in China, but I believe I have had it in Taipei, too. I think the best bet would be Xilaishun… you can find them in the alley off Minsheng E Road, at the junction with Tunhwa, sort of opposite the Old Bank of America building and the old Citibank office. they have other premises, too… but I dunno where they are. … Ehtml&t=tw

The above link seems to offer some clues as to where to get it.

Restaurant (Feng Shang) and tel no:

Mien-Tui-Mien does the dish with apples but i suggest phoning ahead and warning them that you’re coming and expect the Ba Si Pingguo. Have fun! A report might be helpful if anyone goes.

Mien-Tui-Mien Hsiao Kuan.
33, Chung-Yang Rd. Hsin Tien.

Tel: 8667-3448

ok, going to feng shang on saturday. will report back. :slight_smile:

ok, so went to feng shang this weekend. overall a very nice place. probably the most classy environment i’ve ever eaten asian food here in taipei. feels very much like one of those oh-so-trendy expensive fusion places in the states. food was specialties from different parts of china. aside from the portions being pretty small, everything tasted pretty good. when i say small, i mean small. for big eaters, will need to order at least 2 dishes per person. prices are about nt$250-350 per dish.

now to the important part, the ba si ping guo. was very good. served with a bowl of iced water on the side to dip in. lives up to its name because of the threads of sugar that occur when seperating the pieces. need to eat it fast otherwise it crystalizes and becomes one big chunk. think it would be great if they could serve it in a hot water bath to keep it soft until you dip it into the water. the dish is called “bon bon apples” on the menu and is big enough to split. was nt$150.

says there are branches of the restaurant in philly, nyc, and vancouver. was a little dissapointed that it was a chain.

overall, a nice place. great elegent atmosphere if you need to impress guests or something.

feng shang. i believe the english name on the sign is “en vogue”. don’t ask me why. 311 fuxing n. road(near zhongsan jr high station). was not that packed when we went(saturday night at 7pm) but might fill up other times. reservations recommended. tele posted above.

Its Chinese name is 風尚 Feng1 Shang4; you’ll have trouble Googling for just “en Vogue”, but it can be found as “En Vogue New Chinese Cuisine”. They’re at 311, Fu4xing1 (Fu-Hsing) North Road, Taipei. (02) 2547-2555; (02) 2547-2556. The sign is not very obvious; the entrance is on the alley corner. Service is excellent, and the decor is elegant but not at all ostentatious. It’s one of the classiest joints you’ll find in its price range, I think. The owners, Jimmy and Sonia, are really nice, too.

Highly recommended!

Grave digging with a purpose; to ensure info on this restaurant is searchable on Forumosa :wink:

EDIT: (10/2007) Tried calling but the numbers are kong1hao4 (disconnected). Perhaps the place has closed?