Need help identifying some sort of insect cocoons/eggs

Dark reddish brown in color with some beige creamy substance inside. Yuk!

I have not seen one cockroach in this house to date, so I’m wondering what else can it be? Or is it cockroaches eggs? It would surprise me. Please help me solve this troubling mystery. I have no idea what they are, and I’m grossed right out.


The above pic is from a cat bed. I was cleaning the house today and I found them when I moved the bed to clean the floor. :s

Looks like fly cocoons, later you’ll have maggots … roach cocoons are square-flat and flat ended

I don’t understand. You mean the eggs first turn to maggots, then they become flies?

I was wrong, fly - egg - maggot - (pupa)cocoon - fly …

Fly lifecycle

Very informative link, Belgian Pie. Thank you kindly. That’s exactly what these things are. The cat threw up a few times on the bed, and we clean it as best as possible with a wet cloth, but obviously enough nutrients were left for a fly to lay eggs and breed. It’s disgusting, that bed is going to the garbage.

From the link you provided: [quote]Scientists have calculated that a pair of flies beginning reproduction in April may be progenitors, under optiminal conditions and if all were to live, of 191,010,000,000,000,000,000 flies by August.[/quote]:eek: That’s incredible.