Need Help Losing Weight

i’m 400lbs and i’d like to try to lose some weight over my 5 years here.

Good luck. I’ve just been getting bigger and bigger. I try different things but I guess I have no self control. I finally decided that I’m going to go to see a doctor to try to get some help.

First of all, it likely took you a while to get to 400lbs. so it’s going to take a while to get the weight off. Don’t let “The Biggest Loser” fool you. You’re likely talking in terms of years. So don’t pressure yourself to change everything all at once. go slow.

Second, I’d recommend walking 30 minutes a day everyday. And do it. Don’t fall into the “I don’t have time” trap because everyone really does. Some people just don’t want it badly enough.

Third, diet and nutrition is what gets everyone. People may exercise but few want to change what they eat. I’d recommend that you just take one step by not drinking anything but water. No sodas, no juice, no nothing but water. Keep your eating habits where they are for now.

Take one step into eating better and one into exercising and stick to it. Then go from there.

Finally, when you do slip up by not exercising one day or having one soda then don’t beat yourself up and quit the program. It’s very common for people to say, “I had one cookie, I ruined my diet and exercise program. Give me the bag.” If you do that, there’s no hope. Set your goal at 90% compliance and seriously aim for it. I allow myself two sodas a week. Bumps now and then won’t sidetrack you.

Good luck.

I tried walking 30 minutes a day, but after two weeks I was 30 miles out of town.

Eejit. You’re supposed to walk in the other direction every second day.

A. Chart how your weight has increased over the years. How much, on average, have you gained in each 6-month period since your early adult age at which your weight was lowest? Based on that, set FOUR simulataneous goals, from easiest to hardest:

  1. no weight loss plus stopping further weight gain of the type you’ve just charted (in other words, diet and exercise aren’t just to get that weight down; they’re also to prevent further deterioration),

  2. gradual weight loss and no rebound past your current weight, and

  3. gradual weight loss plus keeping part of the weight off.

  4. gradual weight loss plus keeping all of the weight off

Aim for #4, but if you only manage #3, #2 (or even #1) then you have not “gone off your diet” so you are not allowed to resume your old eating and activity patterns, and you will still have success of sorts as reward for your efforts.

B. Make a list of what you eat and drink for one week. Look at all the crap on that list, and ban those items completely from your diet. I basically no longer eat donuts, bacon, eggs as a dish, ice cream, things with pastry crust, things made with lots of cream or cheese, sausages alone, no longer drink soft drinks, rarely have beer or desserts of any kind, and don’t do candy bars. Re-define yourself as someone who doesn’t eat donuts rather than saying “okay, I’ll try to eat less”. (EDIT: Here’s a list of the top ten WORST fast food items to put on that verboten list:
Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries
Taco Bell Chicken Ranch Fully Loaded Taco Salad
Five Guys Large French Fries
McDonald’s Chocolate Triple Thick Shake (32 oz.)
Dunkin’ Donuts Sausage, Supreme Omelet and Cheese on Bagel
Starbucks Hazelnut Signature Hot Chocolate
Applebee’s Quesadilla Burger
Burger King Oreo Sundae Shake (22 oz)
Chop’t Cobb Salad Wrap
KFC Chicken Bowl)

Tyranny of willpower trumps moderation.

If you achieve goal #3 or 4 you can then reward yourself with having any one of those items once or twice a year, respectively.

C. Make a list of how much you exercise daily, including walking, and taking stairs instead of elevators. Set a goal, starting small, to increase that. Include small things like walking briskly from one end of the apartment to the other five times in a row once every hour on the hour (a chiming clock will remind you), a stretching routine twice a day, and a light set of calisthenics in your living room, so that even on a rainy day at home you’ll be moving a bit. Add a home exerciser of some kind after a couple weeks. Schedule a daily walk in your neighborhood. Volunteer at a shelter like AnimalTaiwan’s, where they need people to drop by to walk their dogs.

D. Try a program like Weight Watcher’s. You don’t have to join to follow their formula and point system, which you can find online.
You set a number of points worth of food you can eat every day and week based on your current weight, age etc., and you have tolook upor calculatethe points for each food you want to eat. They say you can eat any food as long as you stick to the points. Of course all the foods that you shouldn’t be eating on a diet will blow too many points, so effectively you have to limit those very strictly.

If you find you can’t stick to the point system because you’re bloody starving, it’s better to give yourself ten more points per week for the first week, cut that to five the next week, etc., than to just drop the plan.

I went to the doctor and got some pills that block the absorption of fat. They make you fart a lot. I tried it before a couple of years ago, but only for a month. What I really would like is something that would slake my ravenous appetite. I could use some pep too.

I recently undertook a programme in Thailand that was in effect a seven day fast with a couple of hours of muay thai training each day. Lost 7.5 kilos in a week, and a further 2.5 in the month since.

I would say the best benefit by far has been that it has reset my appetite and I’m far more mindful of the balance of calories in, calories out in terms of exercise. I’ve had a couple of illnesses - colds - since, so put back the exercise regime, but after I get something out of the way this Friday, will add a regular exercise routine. I’ve wanted to lose weight and get fit for several years. For me, it took this rather radical approach to kickstart me into gear.


This advice works for me:

Find some form of exercise that you enjoy and do SOMETHING everyday. 30 minutes is enough. This changes the chemical balance in your body and this changes how you think. You will start making more positive decisions regarding everything, not least of all your diet.

That is it. I find that if I exercise everyday everything else just falls into place. I am far less likely to drink alcohol, consume processed sugar or binge on junk food. I stop eating when I not hungry: I never eat until I am full. And I don’t care what anyone says about me not finishing my dinner. At a buffet lunch the other day my host scoffed 4 plates of food and I had 1. He asked me if anything was wrong and I told him simply that I am careful about my health. He has a large waistline and I do not.

I think he got the message.

masterdoko, step one is to throw away your video games and start asking about vegetarian restaurants rather than KFC. I’m serious. From the rest of your posts it appears that you’re living a very sedentary lifestyle and that you have a fondness for greasy fast food.
It doesn’t really matter WHAT kind of weight-loss regimen you follow if you retain those two aspects.

As you are presently overweight you may try taking advantage of it and use that excess fat in the gym doing weights as well. Weights need not take your breath away and aren’t as good as a good cardio workout for burning calories, but you will convert more protein into muscle tissue while you have that excess bulk to burn instead of muscle protein.
You have no doubt already built big muscles in your legs from carrying that weight and those leg muscles stimulate the rest of the body’s muscle growth as they are are key to creating the hormones which will trigger other muscle groups to do the same and build muscle.

By building muscle through weights you can meet your goal of looking fit with losing weight half way. You can, with some work be big and buff as well as lose that excess. I have seen a few big guys do this and their results in muscle building far outweigh those of skinnier guys such as myself when setting off on the same routines.

Don’t lose sight of the goal when working out with weights. The muscle you are building is often unseen and beneath the flab until one day those final few millimetres are burned off to reveal the muscle underneath. Practically all the big Mr. Universe guys get fat as hell in the off season in order to build more muscle and then do cardio before the shows to burn the flab back off again. Its a tried and tested method and it works.

The biggest obstacle to weight loss and fitness is yourself though. I find what works for me is to do what actors do if you can understand. They put themselves into another personality for as long as it takes to become accustomed to certain mannerisms. You could try the same. I have ‘become’ certain personalities or have adopted certain traits over the years to attain certain things. When I was younger I abstained from alcohol and cigarettes as I told myself that’s what a professional athlete would do if they wanted to maximise themselves in terms of sports.
When I wanted to lose weight a few years later I put my mind in the most stubborn frame in which I limited myself to one rice triangle a day (I don’t recommend this). That worked very well, but I would constantly feel like passing out.

I altered my routine in the end to suit my body type. I don’t gain weight easily and shorter workouts with longer rests and larger meals worked for me to attain the body I was trying for.

For you you will have to learn what suits your body type. I imagine that your size tells me you are prone to storing more than enough calories. You must reduce your intake, keep your metabolic rate higher and exercise regularly. Put yourself in a frame of mind and just stick rigidly to it. Make a point of letting your friends know before hand that you are becoming fitness religious in that you won’t under any circumstances be eating out with them at fast food restaurants, drinking until dawn or going on any other binges to satisfy the mood.
Hopefully if they are a decent crowd, they might either just not tell you if they are going and then you won’t feel like you’re missing out, or they will change their venue to suit your needs and offer support.

You will likely need your friends support for this one if you are a weak personality and can’t maintain your own plan. If you can take the criticism and if it helps being told your fat, then ask people to tell you exactly how you are doing as you go along. If you hear that you aren’t changing or are gaining weight, then work harder. If you are looking fitter, then keep at it and quickly go check yourself out in the mirror. :wink:

Keep a picture journal. Take shots of yourself semi naked from front and side. Compare them a couple of months later. You can either kick your own arse if you aren’t going anywhere, or you can pat yourself on the back and tell yourself what a good job you are doing.

Get a roll model. Think of a body type you admire and make it your ambition to get there.

Watch a Rocky movie. It really works. Of course everyone is laughing right now at the thought of running around in your bedroom in sweatpants and jogging top, but inspirational thoughts help during workouts. The same goes for…

Music. Get some great workout music on an Mp3 player. It keeps you in rhythm and also once you get used to your music and workout, you know how far along you are in it.

Time: I liked watching the clock when I was religious fit, but later learned to hate it. If the time works for you in keeping rhythm and making notes, then go with it. If you feel you are a slave to the clock though, then I suggest you count repetitions in your head or work out to an song or an album.

Make a schedule. Any decent gym instructor or trainer can help you whip up a basic schedule which you can follow through the week in terms of gym equipment and timing. I think Taipei Gym is great. There are one or two guys there who cn help you out and who can show you how to use the equipment. You can go online and check out some recommended routines too, but don’t go thinking that all of them will suit you too. Some of them are bollocks to be honest and when you see the picture of the model who swears by his routine, some of the time they are clearly steroid freaks. Be careful who you take advice from.

Buy smaller clothes. This works as a goal too. One day you WILL wear those 501s!

Book a holiday to a naked beach resort in one year’s time! I’m just kidding. But you get the idea already. All of these tips I have offered attempt to get you over the mental wall which is standing between you and the body you want. Nobody can really help you climb that wall and its all up to you.

If it helps you can post your updates on the forums and see if you can drum up some support and additional advice to keep you in the right direction.

You should plan for a kilo a week…

you need to start with portion control (along with light exercise, walking etc…). never eat more than you can hold in your cuppped hands in one sitting.

Eat five smallish meals a day. First meal is the amount you can fit in two hands, second meal one had, third meal two hands, fourth meal one hand, fifth meal two hands, etc…or a variance on this depending on hunger, but only three two handers per day.

Eat more raw foods, fruit, veggies, granola etc…

Tak the stairs everywhere.

Buy an ipod, go walking.

It is a great timeof year to exercise outdoors so take advantage.

Best of luck.

Stairs aren’t good for the knees though, especially when carrying more top weight.

Walk home from work. Or if it’s really far away, take the bus/MRT to some point about 2 or 3km from home, then walk home. You can burn calories while at the same time taking some “me” time to relieve stress after work. Listen to podcasts or music as you do it.

…and on the way pass in front of 3 Mc Donalds, 2 KFCs’, 15 7/11s’ and 200+ eating places and food stalls :doh: Good luck!

And don’t listen to skinny people.

me times sends me crazy…i overthink things normally so me time drives me NUTS

are there any free(or cheap) places for swimming where people wouldn’t take the time out to stare and say “watch the fatty!!!”

It is a great time of year to exercise outdoors so take advantage.


:roflmao: …what cold, wet and generally miserable?

[quote=“masterdoko”]me times sends me crazy…i overthink things normally so me time drives me NUTS

are there any free(or cheap) places for swimming where people wouldn’t take the time out to stare and say “watch the fatty!!!”[/quote]

You have to own your weight. They are saying the same thing in the streets as they are at the gym. I’m not a scientist but unless you are 9 foot tall, at 400lbs (28 and a half stone) you must be morbidly obese and close to death. I had a ‘moment’ when I got to 80 kilos (12 stone 6,) and that is nowhere near what you are carrying. I like shows like ‘the biggest loser’ because they show you that you can do it. ANYONE can do it. Heck you could drop 10 pounds in a week just by cutting out carbonated drinks. I also saw one show where they made some grossly overweight people walk from the bottom of the UK to Edinburgh. (Home of the deep fried bus ticket.) Some guys actually put on weight because they ate so much shit.
Get a dietician and a personal trainer and forget the stigma. You are fat. But if you don’t want to be, which is the biggest first step. Now you need to get up and eat right and exercise more. And yes, I am on a detox and lost half a stone of gut fat this month by eating right, drinking no caffeine or booze (with some slight exceptions) and no processed food. I also exercise about 30 minutes per day. Weights or running. You can do weights in your room, and wii jogging if you really can’t handle the public. But as I said, it is physically noticeable that you are obese. Get over it and get working on it. I’m eleven stone 5 and still exercising.

[quote=“masterdoko”]me times sends me crazy…i overthink things normally so me time drives me NUTS

are there any free(or cheap) places for swimming where people wouldn’t take the time out to stare and say “watch the fatty!!!”[/quote]

Taipei City’s got a bunch of sports centers, like Zhongshan -close to the MRT- where it’s only 50nts per time at the swimming pool. Clean, you get to use the sauna, and practically empty in winter -in spite of being indoors.