Need help networking Chinese Windows XP

I have an ACER Laptop, fully loaded with a network card and etc. It is running Windows XP.

Unfortunately, I can read Chinese and I don’t know XP. Can someone post quick screenshots to help me find the necessary icons?

I do have someone I can take it to tomorrow but, that would be no fun. Perhaps this can help others. Shouldn’t XP be plug and play?

PS: Can’t change the operating system to English, it’s not my computer.

PM me with your email, got not webspace at the moment (forgot my password :blush: )

Thanks rascal for your help. I’ll E-mail you with my info. My situation gets a more complicated.

The operating system is Windows XP home edition Chinese. It doesn’t seem to have the network neighborhood controll pannels installed.

My friend says that the home edition can’t share hard drives on a network but says it’s possible.

Here’s just the facts of my set up:
Laptop: Windows XP home
Desktop: Windows 2k professional
1 Hub

My goal is to share files between the laptop and desktop

I have an acer with xp professional chinese edition but not familiar with sharing files…sorry. would the network neighborhood be

Uh, in that case my email is probably not much of a help since you need to set the IP addresses manually.
Actually you could just make up some - do not use the automatic assignment then (since there is no DHCP/DNS sever in your “network”).

The link you posted seems to expain it pretty well though.