Need help on choosing a hosting service


I’m planning to have two separate websites for two separate businesses. I have considered Yahoo! Geocities and Dreamhost. Dreamhost offers a very competitive package… BUT
using either of these services would entail having two separate accounts, I guess, so I could have two separate web addresses. This would be something like the following:


both of these websites would have separate file structures and wouldn’t be linked in any way. This means that I would have to pay for two separate accounts! Now, I’m not rich yet… BUT

When 1and1 offers 3 domains in one account as included, this makes it a very attractive deal… Would this solve my problem?


dreamhost allows you to do that if you even take there lowest one it allows 3 domains with separate structures.
There tech support is good and fast, I have been using them for last 6 months, very satisified.

Just to second what Ponchi said: There’s no problem having completely separate Web sites on one Dreamhost account. For example, are but two of several unrelated sites I have on my own Dreamhost account. Completely separate e-mail addresses, etc., too, of course.

Depending on which hosting plan you pick, also allows multiple domains. (The $18/year plan only allows one, but the $48/year plan allows three.)