Need help on converting .doc files to html

I have written two sets of essays on the International Status of Taiwan, and posted them to the internet in Microsoft WORD (.doc) format. However, some people have sent me email saying that they would prefer to access these files in html format.

I have in the past put up some html pages (using Microsoft Frontpage), but frankly speaking most people did not think very highly of my efforts. So, I am wondering if there is someone who could volunteer to put these essays into some kind of attractive html format which I could then post on the internet.

If you would be interested in helping out, please contact me at

The essays are at

The Chinese text file is about 26 pages, and the English text file is about 29 pages. I think that some sort of notice could be put at the beginning and end of each html file to notify the reader that the entire text is available as Microsoft WORD (.doc) format.

I think in word you can save files in .html. Change the file type at the bottom of the ‘Save as’ dialog.
I’ve never tried it myself.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would prefer something a bit more professional. I have done that “conversion” before, and I wasn’t really happy with it.

How large are they, and how complicated is the layout? Step one would probably be to use the “save as HTML” anyway, especially if they are stable documents (won’t be updated any time soon, or at least not frequently).

Also, is one in Chinese while the other is an English translation (or vice-versa)? (I don’t currently have MS-Office installed, so I can’t open them to see for myself.)

It looks like the Chinese file is 102 KB, and the English file is about 152 KB. The layout is very straightforward . . . . .

I would be interested in a volunteer to do the conversion to html in something approaching a professional manner. Several people have suggested opening the files in Microsoft WORD, and then saving as html, however I bleive that changes still have to be made after that . . . . . (as I have stated above, I have tried this in the past, and I have found problems with the result . . . . )

As I have mentioned above, I am hoping to have someone do the conversion from start to finish . . . . obviously someone with a knowledge of html would be preferable.

Acrobat pdf is also a common format. For archiving and printing, it gives more better results.

I converted the doc files to pdf and they are fine. I can e-mail them, if you want.

OK . . . . I would be interested to look at them.

Additionally, I am still interested in having the files converted to html . . . . . . .

well i guess that would be the best way to try out this program i made a while back. Well are we talking about volunteering and making these HTML pages for free, or are we gonna get beer money for this service? :mrgreen: Anyway, i’d do it for beer and pizza… i guess HEHE :mrgreen:
Anyway, gimme a buzz on 0930247926 if you’re interested. :wink:

Microsoft will stuff a lot of crap in your html file if you convert it from Word. I used to convert a doc to html with Word and then run it through Dreamweaver and use the “remove microsoft crap” command. But I don’t have Dreamweaver anymore.

I would try to convert those files for free, but only as long as I didn’t have to read them.

[quote=“Richardm”]Microsoft will stuff a lot of crap in your html file if you convert it from Word. I used to convert a doc to html with Word and then run it through Dreamweaver and use the “remove microsoft crap” command. But I don’t have Dreamweaver anymore.[/quote]That’s why some governments and stuff are moving over to .pdf, word keeps saving old versions of the document. As well as saving “We must do more to convince the USA of our position” it also saves the unedited version: “Bush is a tosspot”
If you want to publish documents .pdf is better than .doc, the reader is free, but still needs downloading, so it’s not as convenient as html. If it’s just a load of text, does it matter how pretty it looks ?

I’ll do the English one for you.

well i took the time to check out your essay just now. I guess what im trying to say is, if there are no need for graphics, then this would be easy. I made a small program that converts docs or text files into HTML format. By the way it also converts it as the W3C standards. No microsoft bull****. Anyway if you want i could give you the program. But it only runs under Linux. You can try it if you want. :wink:

I posted your English document on my personal site, so you can see the basic skinned down HTML layout.

The first bit: “Uncovering the Truth of the Taiwan Status by Richard W Hartzell. As most people know, at the present time Taiwan is not recognized as a sovereign independent nation by the world community.”
will appear twice on the URL above because I have it posted on my index page, with a MORE function which shows the rest of the zillion pages of text.

When viewing the article, simply just right click on your mouse, and select “View Source.” Then scroll down until you see your “Uncovering the Truth of the Taiwan Status”, and copy/paste all your article with the little bits of HTML into Notepad, and save it as Whatevername.html

You will then have your stripped down non-Microsoft HTMl document.

I can do the Chinese version too, but then I’ll have like two zillion pages of stuff on my blog. Just let me know…

Cost = 2 x Kilkenny’s at Shannon’s on an off night. Contact me here to pay up.

PS: You should just get your own blog! I’ll build a nice one for you, but that will cost more than a beer. :sunglasses:

Thanks for all the suggestions . . . . I will check everything out.


Take a look of the pages that I briefly made. It’s not that professtional. I am just happen to be free at work today so I converted them for you…

Let me know if you have any other idea regarding it.

Your paper is very interesting, by the way. :slight_smile: