Need help planning a trip to Yangming Shan on 01/01 by public transport

Hello everyone. I’m planning for a trip to Yangming Shan on 01/01 by public transport. I’ll start from Beitou. I need some help with which bus or train I should take and will it be crowded up there on the first day of the year?

I think you can just use Google Maps? It should give the bus numbers.

It shows me the fastest way is to take an Uber. Other options are all wrong I think

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Yes, take an Uber or negotiate a reasonable fee with a taxi driver if you speak OK Chinese (maybe Taiwanese better than Mandarin?).

gives you more freedom, and good for up to three people.

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I’m pretty sure that’s because (i) you need to put in actual locations for the starting point and destination, not just “Beitou District” and “Yangmingshan National Park” (both are fairly big, and Google doesn’t know where in the park you want to go - you need to make your query more precise), and (ii) you’re searching for public transport options at 3 a.m., when there aren’t any public transport options.

Try again with the actual departure point, destination, and time. It’s quite easy to take buses to Yangmingshan. For example:


I thought there was quite a frequent bus from Shilin MRT, it goes to YMS bus station. My knowledge is a year out of date though.

The 230 is pretty frequent and will take you to the main park area. The S9 is less frequent, will too, and then on to Zhuzihu. Yes, they’ll be packed on a holiday, but Beitou is the first stop so if you line up well you’ll get a seat. Get the Taipei bus app, it’ll tell you when they’re coming.


Deffo 230.

Can also take S9 from Beitou

The problem was that you were searching for bus at 2 in the morning when all bus services have already stopped. Try again during normal service hours. Google maps works perfectly (for me) with the Taipei bus system.


Isn’t there a 260 that starts at Taipei Main?

Roads might be closed or full of people looking for the snow experience…

and a similar R5 starting at Jiantan, and a bunch of smaller buses going to specific places. A weekend and holiday bus going all around, more during flower season.

260 or R5 from opposite the ShiLin MacDs / infront of the ShiLin Residence, will take you to the YMS busstation, but where on YMS do you want to go? pretty much 90% of the rest of YMS is then accessed using the 108?? from YMS bus station.

There are no trains to Yangmingshan. Tomorrow you have chance of snow.