Need help printing CD labels

I use NERO’s cover designer and I tried everything - from setting different sizes in print properties to choosing differnt sizes in the program … It just never never never prints right … The paper aint any of the ones to choose from so I used “user defined” option and even that came out wrong … so … what to do ?

C’mon some advice please !

Anyone ?

You’re going to have to be a bit more specific. What kind of paper are you printing on? What goes wrong? We can’t help if we don’t know what’s going on.

Well, The paper was bought from 3C … Yellow and black place - hahah … But sure you know what I am talking about …

Anyone they only had the one size … No manufacturer name other than some chinsese writing and a logo “ST” on a flag in blue red and white. Two labels per page. There is no measurement on the cover - only this code IP-L01DCR and the weight 160g/m2 (meant to be sqaure)
The page is A4 size.

Then I have another paper - Also no manufacturer name unless it’s “COPY KUS” - made in Taiwan - also two labels per page … Considerably narrower, but at least they have measurments - 135mm wide and 270mm top to bottom. So it’s not A4.

Once again - the prints are never EXACTLY fitting the labels … They are always off leaving white areas. I also tried different printer settings with no avail.

In ‘Coverdesigner’ (program within Nero) you can choose your template from many different paper manufacturers, but ofcourse there is no choice for the paper I have bought. So, I have chosen “user defined” to manually change the paper size, but even that didn’t help.

Needless to say I have wasted many labels.

In Nero Cover Designer, go under FILE --> PREFERENCES, then click on the ‘Printing’ tab.

There you can set the bleeding space and Printing offsets/Print calibration.

Play with those settings, that should solve your problem.

I have a much more sever problem with this program. I created a wonderful cover with all the names and details I wanted.
The file does not open!
I had to open it in MS Word and dig out my original text.