Need help to find temporary housing

Hi all,

although member of the site for about a year, this is my first post, so I’ll start off with a quick introduction of myself.

I’m a Norwegian guy who’s engaged to a beautiful Taiwanese girl. We both live in Europe at the time, me in Norway and she is studying on the central continent. This September we’re going back to Taiwan (I was there last year as well) where she will arrange some stuff for her further studies, and I’m obviously there to be with my fiancée and to meet with her family. Our stay will be approximately 3 weeks.

Now to the issue at hand;
My fiancées family has little space left for guests, and her brothers don’t think it is appropriate that we stay together either. Her mom actually went out and rented a small flat for me in their hometown of Taoyuan, quite close to their home - this was done secretly and I’m not supposed to know about this yet. Since then, my mom suggested she join us for the trip as she really wants to visit Taiwan after all the stuff I’ve told her from my trip, and that my fiancée has told when she has visited here. Now my girl decided that we should definitely stay in Taipei, to allow me and my mom to enjoy ourselves and experience most. She will of course stay with her family, whom she hasn’t seen for a year. She will also be busy sorting out paperwork and whatnot for at least some of the time we are there, and she is very concerned this will be boring for me.

I’ve had a peek at a couple of hotels and find I can get a decent stay for about $40 000 NT per room. Looking at apartments though, I find that I can get away with half or even a fourth of that, which is obviously better. Now I just need to locate somewhere where there are either a flat suitable for family at a reasonable price, or two smaller apartments (one for me and one for my mom) that are preferably in the same building. Not knowing exactly where to find something like this, and which part of Taipei I should be looking for etc makes it quite confusing to browse the few sites I’ve found. Hopefully, someone here at forumosa can help me out by pointing in the right direction :slight_smile:

Any help or suggestion is appreciated!



You serious? Did you type 40 thousand New Taiwan dollars? Yes, that amount of money will get you a fine 3 bedroom house in Tianmu, the rich expat community.

What hotel is this, you say? Or rather, what penthouse? Presidential suite?

Average for business hotel is 2000-3000 nts a day, very nice rooms. Fancy boutique hotels in the center of the city will set you back 4000-5000 nts and I can reccomend a few we use for our guests.

It is harder to find a short time rental for 3 weeks, but obviously a small apartment would have the advantage of a kitchenette.

Since money does not seem to be your problem, it is just a matter of deciding exactly what you want and how you want it.

Maybe you can throw a few names at us. It would be easier to tell you where NOT to stay rather than guess what would you like and suggest places.

Unless you mean 40 thousand for all 3 weeks…

Thanks for your reply, Icon. I guess I should’ve stated this in the first post;

roughly $40 000 NT is for the entire stay at some 3-star hotel I found which is two stops on the MRT from the Taipei Main Station, called the Yomi. This is the same hotel that I used last year and it’s pretty okay, the staff speaks english and the rooms are reasonable. I don’t think two stops from the Main Station is too bad either, with regards to me getting around on my own (I don’t speak any chinese at all yet).

Money is obviously the issue here, I had to sell off my beloved guitars to be able to afford the flight tickets in the first place. I know staying at the before-mentioned hotel is a safe bet, as I’ll know what I’m getting - still, I’m trying to reduce the cost as much as possible. I know from what I’ve seen that it is possible to get quite decent flats as low as $800 NT pr day, and my fiancées mom found a humble quarter for me at $6000 NT for the entire stay. This of course will not fit both me and my mom, but we could rent two spaces like this and still come out the same as one hotel room (we’ll need two of those, too), or this last example even way less.

There’s not much that I require; the place needs to be airconditioned, and should be fairly close to an MRT station (walking distance). When I was there last year we took the bus quite a few times, but I really didn’t get the system :slight_smile: Also, no rats in the walls or cockroaches would be a definite plus :wink: As for throwing names, I really have no idea.

Ouch. My condolences. … lCd=SANSUI

This hotel the Sansui was split up into 3 different hotels because of an ownership dispute. The Sansui hotel is from 1st to 7th floors and then 8th and 9th had a different owner and 10th and 11th floors yet another. Back in 99 I used to stay there at times. Nice rooms. Not at the Sansui which was bout 1200/nite then but on the 8th floor , that owner had the 8th and 9th floors and was charging about 800/nite then. I imagine it would be more now but worth a look? You could probably negotiate a good rate for 3 weeks with them or the Sansui hotel themselves. IT would pay to visit them in person though. Just take the elevator to the 8th floor.

Or walk around the corner and there is a very nice Japanese chain hotel called Sunroute. I stayed there often when it first opened. And it was very nice. Rooms are small but nice and there is a good Japanese restaurant in the basement.

Give them a call and ask for the manager and discuss a rate for 3 weeks. … 8540831881

both of these hotels are only a few mins walk of the tamsui line of the MRT.

This hotel was not bad as well, the Keymans. Recently some forumosan stayed there and said it was fine. Its very centrally located. But try to get a good rate though. It was only 800nt/nite in 99. So still should be a deal now. Especially if you barter for long stay. Try a week deal and see what that is. … aipei.html

If you can walk around you will find many small hotels that are a good deal that dont heavily advertise. They rely on repeat customers or are love hotels and do short term stays during the day, but still would be happy to have overnite guests for a week or so?

The Sunroute by the way is NOT a love hotel and is a regular hotel so try to get that one if you can.

LIke I said there are tons of small hotels and many of them are a good deal. Have to walk around and check them out though.


Actually, you should look for a hotel as far from Taipei Main Station as possible. The area is ugly, crowded, overpriced, inconvenient, etc… I know. I work there. :frowning:

Yes, two stops is OK, you might still want one close to a bus line that goes to Taoyuan but with the MRT, you can get back to Taipei Main station and use the HSR or TRA to get there -or buses, of couse. Transportation here is no biggie, Chinese language or not.

I see the Yomi is in Shuanglien, Red line of the MRT. That is the older part of the city. How about looking for hotels along the blue line? There is much more fun places to go there.

Short term rentals are rare, and most listings are in Chinese. For a budget of 800, I’d say go to foreigner owned hostels, clean, nothing fancy. Even the hotel in my neck of the woods -overlooking a lake, but next to an MRT station, very popular- is 2000 nts more or less. It was lucky you found yours for 6000, most rooms go for 8000. Do not compare to the normal monthly rentals, as here you have to pay 2 months deposit and sign a one year contract for those prices.

In all, you would need your GF or MIL to help you look for aplace like yours for your Mom, or go to the hostel, if you want to reduce costs. Try Yahoo Kimo or or even put an ad in Taiwanted. Someone might want to rent an extra room for the summer.

Rats usually break down walls here, and roaches are unavoidable most of the time, I’m afraid.

thanks guys, several great tips son far. I really loved the digression on that Sansui hotel, gosh that would make for a whole plot in a movie I think :smiley:

I guess I’m getting the feeling that the price for the Yomi is quite good then, and that if I stay at hotel it is a fair deal, although maybe in a less attractive part of town. Actually, this was news to me, and besides, everything is new to me anyway when I’m there :slight_smile: Great tip though, Icon, so look for something along the blue line. And yes, I agree, the immediate area near the Taipei Main Station really isn’t beautiful. It’s the same near most big transit points whereever I’ve been in the world, I think.

I’ll get on the phone to my GF and talk to her about these taiwanese websites, maybe she can find something that she thinks is good. Again, thanks a lot for all your help so far, guys!

OH forgot to mention the Sunroute roomrate includes a free Japanese style breakfast thats well worth eating in the basement restaurant.

Keymans includes a simple but nice western breakfast in their room rate.

I was helping a friend find a cheap hotel in Taipei and the place he liked also has serviced apartments in Minsheng. The apartments do not have a kitchen, but stay includes breakfast. The monthly rate was 23000 nt and up, quite a bit better I think for a longer stay.

The hotel he picked is a stone’s throw away from Taan MRT station, and was only 1800. Jacuzzi in the room, spacios, no high tech frills, but clean, and teh service was impecabble -great Englsih by the way, I was most impressed.

In some countries one can negotiate rates with a hotel if staying longer than a few days, e.g. a monthly rate, which is much cheaper than the daily rate x 30. You might want to try this.