Need help to modify MediaWiki template

I’d like to add some Forumosa links to the new MediaWiki I’ve set up at

I want to put them just below the upper-left logo and above the navigation links.

Please help me figure out which MediaWiki file (template or css) that I need to modify

The links would be:
Back to the Forums
To Forumosafieds
To the Alerts

MediaWiki uses lots of CSS, and I can’t easily figure out which PHP file or template I should modify


This should help:

look at this in index.php

<div class="portlet" id="p-nav">
  <div class="pBody">
      <li id="n-mainpage"><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page">Main Page</a></li>
      <li id="n-portal"><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=ForumosaWiki:Community_Portal">Community portal</a></li>
      <li id="n-currentevents"><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=Current_events">Current events</a></li>
      <li id="n-recentchanges"><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Recentchanges">Recent changes</a></li>
      <li id="n-randompage"><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Randompage">Random page</a></li>
      <li id="n-help"><a href="/wiki/index.php?title=Help:Contents">Help</a></li>	      

you can insert something very similar above it and it’ll be in the same style. I think that works.

There’s a Mac app that kind of breaks apart pages into the different CSS elements.

Maybe there’s something similar for Windows.

Thanks gary, but my problem is where to find this stuff - the index.php page has no hard code - it references a myriad of files.

Reading up a bit about the templating at MediaWiki, it all seems to be done with CSS. I’m still hunting about for the CSS that has the very Navigation menu box that you described


it won’t be in a css file; it’ll be in some type of php include.

it’s in the FAQ here… … toolbar.3F

to place another navigation bar below the logo may take more work.

I found it here: … L_template

It was in the file called

Now, if only I can figure out why the Main page pushes the left column down

Thanks for researching this with me!

probably the size of the logo. I haven’t looked the code much but that’s probably it. change the code or the logo.