Need help with credit card situation

i know people have talked about this before but. Their Problem is always super specific and I need a general answer.

I assumed I could get a debit card when I got a bank account here but I obviously was wrong. I dont need a credit card, I dont need credit. I just want to be able to shop online. What is the simlest solution for this? iTunes, amazon, etc. thanks.

  1. use a foreign credit card
  2. open a bank account at a local bank that will give you a debit card (First Bank gave me one no problem)
  3. get a local credit card (First Bank gave me one after I gave them a ph# of a local who would basically just answer the phone and speak Chinese and say they knew me)
  1. Go to Mega Bank. Get a secured card. You can determine the amount as per deposit. Quick and painless.

You have searched the Forumosa archives, haven’t you? :wink:

Which information in [color=#0080FF]this thread about debit cards[/color] does not match your reality?

I am sure we can answer your general or specific questions… :smiley:

Do you need to have an ARC for that? If so, one with a minimum validity period?
Maybe it’s time for a comprehensive “credit card” thread, too… :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. I admit I was being lazy this time but I have looked very hard a few dozen times for general info such as this and always got very specific info to a specific problem. This helped immensely. Part of my problem is people think I mean cc when I have no use for credit. I just needed a debit. My company uses first bank anyways so I guess I will switch banks and use them as well. Goodbye 30 ntd fee!

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Most of the info regarding credit cards and such like is in the Business and Money forum.