Need help with DivX Pro

I’ve been trying to upgrade my version of Divx Pro, but don’t want the “adware” that comes with the free version.

Can anyone help with a website that might have this, or perhaps even provide some info on a better player?


The Big Babou


Would it be better if I just installed the software that came with my computer DVD? It’s called “Power DVD”, by Cyberlink (I have the serial number).

Or am I just barking up the wrong tree?

Babou :wink:

Divx is for watching Divx files, PowerDVD is for watching DVD’s, which do you want to do ?

Divx Pro is for producing your own Divx files, if you just want to watch them you only need the Divx Player that’s completely free, no ads either.
If you want Divx Pro without the ads, you have to pay for it.

Thanks mate,

That’s just the advice I needed!

No, I’m not interested in making my own Divx files, just playing those that were been mysteriously downloaded by my computer from that great (or so I heard) download site, “WinMX”…


The Big Babou

Try these sites: