Need help with internet stalker who has my passwords

I need some suggestions on how to handle this situation:
Someone has gained access to my MSN/hotmail and AIM accounts. I’ve changed the passwords and he still gets acess. I reformatted my computer, downloaded windows service pack 2 and updates (which I had before), made sure the firewall is on, and downloaded a virus scanner. He still has access. I just changed my passwords in a net cafe. I hope he won’t get acess, as long as I don’t check it from home.
Sometimes he talks to my friends online, and I’ve talked to him, using my another account he may have access to. I’ve asked him to stop, but he seems a bit wierd and doesn’t understand why I need my privacy.
So, how can I stop it? He sent me an email from my hotmail account, so I have his IP which is from Hinet, so the dude is probably in Taiwan. What can I do about this? I don’t really understand how he is getting my information. My guess is he has access to my computer through a backdoor program or he is using some sort of packet sniffer. Hinet recommended I contact the CIB in Taiwan.
Is there anything I can do to give myself more security? I’m more interested in safegaurding my info before going through a long process with the police. Would a firewall-router help? Please let me know if you have any more suggestions or if more info about the situation is needed.

Double check to see if there’s a keylogger program or device on your computer.

Download and run Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy to see if there’s any trojans installed on your computer. Many antivirus products don’t catch these.

This sounds really weird! Some things you might want to check in order to narrow down the problem:

  1. Are you using a wireless network (WiFi) or other wireless equipment?
  2. Are your passwords complicated enough? They should be something like fhZU?!35 (the longer, the better).
  3. As jlick said, run Ad-aware and Spybot S&D. Do you use more than one PC to log in to AIM and MSN (maybe one at home and one at work)? If so, all PCs have to be checked (if it’s a PC at work, leave that to the admin).
  4. Do you share your internet connection with other people or are you directly connected to the modem?
  5. How are you connected to the internet? Dial-in, DSL, cable? Do you have a dynamic or static IP?
  6. Could someone have physical access to your PC(s)?

Install Fedora Core 3 (Linux). I just did this last week, and I’m happy as a pig in shit. This is the most user-friendly Linux I’ve yet encountered.

It’s not too difficult to buy the CDs either, even in some of the backwaters of Taiwan. Find a decent bookstore (Chinese-language books, OK), check the computer books section of the store, and find something on Fedora Core 3. There should be 4 CDs included in the book (unless it’s a DVD edition - don’t buy unless you have a DVD drive). Don’t worry about buying a “Chinese” version - Fedora is multi-lingual.

Hope I haven’t drifted off-topic. Can’t help it - oink!


My system is just a desktop connected directly to the Hinet DSL modem. There are no other computers connected and no one else has physical acess to my computer. I’ve run Mcaffe virus scan, Spybot, and Ad aware, but they are not finding anything out of the ordinary (except the DSO exploit, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as I’m running service pack 2). When I changed my passwords, I created them to be pretty random, and all different (I had to write them all down to remember) but he still got them.
I believe my IP is dynamic, as I’m running a regualr Hinet ADSL account. I’ve checkted the DSL connection and it shows a different IP when I log on.
I recently downloaded Sygate’s firewall, which tells me a lot more info than the windows firewall. I’ll have to look at its logs later when I get home, but it told me about a portscan from another IP address in Taiwan. So maybe he found a port that wasn’t protected by the windows firewall? I haven’t checked my accounts yet, so I’m not sure if he is accessing them now. My guess is he isn’t, since I changed the passwords somewhere else. Perhaps I’m safe now, running 2nd firewall? I guess the only way to test is to try it, right?
Thanks for the tips. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know. I’ll try contacting the police to see if they are interested in doing anything about it.

check to see if there is a camera mounted on the ceiling rite above your monitor/keyboard.

If U installed and ran the progs ppl already mentioned, the camera must be the only method. I saw it happen in the movie Sneakers so its possible.

Unless a key logger is installed, these back door progs shouldn’t be able to get your MSN/mailbox passwd’s.

Actually if you presume physical access, the more likely possibility is a hardware keylogger. This is a small flash card that is installed between the keyboard and computer or inside the keyboard itself. It will record keystrokes to the flash memory and can be read back after retrieving it.

“The issue is not whether you are paranoid … the issue is whether you are paranoid enough.” (quote from the movie Strange Days)

I saw a giant robot transform into a truck-trailer unit in a movie once, so its possible.

It could be a case of dual personality.

why all books here are in chinese, they are good, but in chinese.

haha :laughing: not in the sneakers, they just used a telescope, to see the keystroke from the another room. the camera was used in antitrust, and its very lame. :smiley:

hmm… i think the psycho stalker had an access to the DSL ISP.

or change a descent email provider :smiley:

Seems like the problem is solved- I haven’t had any more run-ins with the stalker/hacker for over 2 days after installing the sygate firewall. I guess the Windows XP firewall alone can not be trusted. Thanks for the suggestions!

I guess it works a little like this. You go to a website and from this site you unknowingly download malicious keylogger program (XP firewall does not stop this and Internet Explorer positively encourages it). Windows XP does not prevent this program on your PC from contacting its owner wherever. Your details are passed to hacker. The XP firewall does not work because it’s ONE-WAY, it only blocks incomers. It’s bloody useless against trojans like keyloggers. Sygate blocks unwanted in AND out traffic, so hopefully your information will no longer fall into the wrong hands.

If you’re still using IE then change to a Mozilla based browser. IE is the hackers dream; it downloads all sorts of shit from websites without even asking and then, due to unaddressed security issues in XP, this shit can easily modify your operating system such as executing keylogger programs.

Actually if you have Windows XP SP2 installed, the firewall is bidirectional. The main problem remaining is that the firewall rules are fairly week and automatically allow a whole range of stuff it probably shouldn’t. So a real firewall program like Sygate is still better protection.

And yes, absolutely do upgrade to Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. There’s a reason why it has nicknames like Internet Exploiter and Internet Exploder. Anyone who is worried about security and still runs IE is a bit :loco: . It should take less than 10 minutes to download, install and get comfortable with Firefox, so don’t be afraid. (Mozilla browsers have had security problems too, but they have been a lot less frequent and less serious than IE holes.)