Need Help with Simple Programming

I need to find someone to develope an updatable form accessable via the web. It will be our companies inventory report and all of our shops should be able to access it via the web, when they sell something they enter the receipt number and change the quantity in the way you change the quantity in a shopping cart program when you are shopping online with the only difference that this one will only allow you to update if you enter the receipt number.

I also need another where the shops can enter the customer information, like name, address, what the customer bought and the product’s serial number. After they enter the information, I want to be able to set up the information whereby only those with proper access can see the address and phone number (to protect our customers privacy). Otherwise, you can only see the serial number and name, unless you enter a repair report number, then you can see the address and phone number. Once entered, it creates another report where all with passwords can see there is an active repair report to take care of. All of this would also be accessible via the web and the programs would be located on a remote HTML accessible web server.

Do you know how I would go about finding someone to do this? Is there a job board for programmers somewhere I can post it kind of like a place where potential companies can bid and submit their resume? Or do any of you guys know of someone that can do this? Anyway, I need this kind of programmer. What about Eastern European, Indian or Russian programmers, how to hire them?

Hobart, there’s thousands of websites out there like GetACoder, SMEoutsource, Elance, ScriptLance, Get a Freelancer,…

I had a look at some a while ago and then decided to do the work myself instead of trying to figure out where the best place to post my project would be. :wink:

Hobart: Try

Thanks for the help guys! Great sites!