Need help with university tuition payment

Dear all,

After lurking for quite some time, I just created an account to ask this question because I’m desperate.

I’ve successfully applied and enrolled in a Master course at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Classes were supposed to start this 22nd Feb. When borders closed on 1st Jan, I was told classes would happen online. Then borders reopened on 17th Feb and I am now in the process of applying for student visa to be able to attend classes.

Now the university just sent me an email telling me my tuition fee payment did not go through (despite my card being allowed for international payments and having sufficient funds). I’m required to pay by 26th Feb or I might lose my ability to study. The university advised me to “ask a friend” to physically go to the university to pay in cash. Problem is, I don’t know anyone in Taiwan.

Anyone has ever faced a similar situation? Should the bank payment eventually not work, do you know where I can find a trustworthy person who could go pay in cash for me (provided I initially transfer some funds to them via an agreed upon means, obviously)?

Thank you very much for your help.

First, I suggest you to contact your bank / card issuer and inquire them about the failed payment. It is possible that some security system blocked the payment. If you confirm to them that it is you and the payment is expected then they may mark it as such in their system and you can ask the university to try to charge your card again.

If this fails again then try to use local family members’ / close friends’ cards to make the payment online. It is much easier and safer for you to settle locally with them rather than using anyone in Taiwan to handle the cash payment for you.

If this also fails, before considering a cash payment via third persons that you do not know, perhaps the university would accept a wire transfer? It is worth asking them about alternative methods of payment, that do not involve cash.

Overall, I don’t think you should worry too much. I am sure they are interested in keeping you enrolled too so you will be able to find a solution.


Typical Taiwanese tone-deaf suggestion as usual.

Hey OP, Transferwise is pretty easy to deal with. See if they’ll accept that.


Taiwan allows Paypal and all that.

Wouldn’t be surprising though, universities, especially in Taiwan isn’t known for their progressive payment processing methods. Lots of people still don’t accept credit cards, or if they do only accept it from certain banks. For example PX Mart only accept credit cards from certain banks, the only way around it is to use their PX pay app. Costco in Taiwan only accept their own branded cards too. Banking regulations in Taiwan is just outdated as hell.

Probably lots of universities only accept cash…

Paypal is unnecessarily expensive.

The OP should be communicating with the Office of International Affairs at NTUST to sort this out.

That university has made waves by accepting more international students than any other university in Taiwan. They should be used to this and able to help problem solve.



Can’t you do a wire transfer?

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Apparently no, cash or credit card only.

I’m waiting for the bank to open to contact them, which is in about 8 hours (different time zone). I’ve already sent a different card details to see if it works, but since it’s the same establishment, I’m afraid it won’t.

Apparently, the university doesn’t accept wire, Paypal or anything that is not credit card or cash.

Thanks for your kind words though. The payment is due on 26th which is why I’m quite worried.

How much money we talking about here? And where are you located?

I sent an email to the OIA and I am waiting for them to reply. I sure hope we’ll be able to find a solution.

About 51k NTD. Currently located in South America although we’re from Europe.

I asked what other means of payment are available (waiting for them to reply), but I’m afraid it’s cash or credit card only.

Last I checked, Transferwise doesn’t work for Taiwan.

There is a Online payment system for Tuition fees with First Bank

Also CTBC bank has an online payment platform for university payments

source and more information from NTUST :


That’s weird. I received a transferwise payment last week.

It’s possible to send payments in USD or whatever to multicurrency accounts here. You just can’t send TWD. It probably doesn’t help OP though unless the university is willing to accept payments in other currencies.

That looks promising. It wouldn’t require me to already have opened a bank account in one of those banks, would it?

I’ll have a look at it and suggest this solution to the uni.

It requires your student ID , so If you don’t have an ID yet then need to contact the office of international affairs to see other payment options

In addition this is more information from NTUST webiste , but I think is for current students


It’s a misconception that it doesn’t work for Taiwan. Taiwan restricts use of NTD outside of Taiwan. But you can use major world currency all the time. You can always exchange NTD to USD and back and use TransferWise. I use it.

Yes you cannot use anything to send or receive NTD directly abroad.