Need help with work opportunities in light of lockdown

I don’t think going out looking for jobs is going to be safe at all but given the increased COVID infection how can I get more work? Looks like online work is it but I am not sure how to find those.

I imagine a lot of bushiban is probably going to close for now.

Members of the community have continued to step up, each offering advice, some of which would have been worth hundreds of thousands of (western) dollars to you. You have scoffed at almost every single one for the last year or two while whinging that nobody simply donates money to you. Each idea and opportunity given to you was met with absolutely cold and rude derision by you while you(at least I think) took advantage of newer members’ generosity who might have not had the misfortune of having their help thrown back in their faces. A good number of us still remember the egg left on our faces.

Now we’re in a crisis, where employers are going to be looking to cut back to cut any losses and risk they might incur and you’re only NOW asking for work. When the ship has already sailed.

Jobs require a set of tasks. Some of which you may not like. It is often impossible, even in a job you like, to avoid all of the tasks you don’t like while only doing the ones you like. This shouldn’t have to be said. This is life as an adult. Based on your responses over the past year or so towards the fine people who have attempted to help you, it would be nothing short of career suicide to stick our noses out for you if the risk is that upon hiring, we’d hear an endless barrage of whinging about things you don’t want to do. Often, responses are a myriad of lame excuses that poorly attempt to explain why you can’t do it instead of doing what the rest of us are doing; faking it until we make it or at least get settled into our new positions or they are met with some racist excuse of white people keeping you from getting a job. We don’t want to risk having to explain to our bosses, friends, acquaintances why you are not getting the work done. I personally have ignored a myriad of job offerings that would at least help you get out of your situation, because I know it would be thrown back into my face and I’d be wasting my time. This post is a waste of my time.

I understand you really like repairing guitars and are particularly capable at this kind of work and want to open your business. But anyone who has spent any more than a little while in Taiwan can tell you that local preferences on musical instruments tends to prefer what implicitly are ‘high class’ instruments like pianos and not ‘low class’ instruments like guitars. You are an unbelievably capable human being with your hands and the only thing holding yourself back is your own excuses. However, guitars are an instrument found worldwide, and, maybe with extensive market research, maybe it could work, which leads me to my next point.

We get it, you want to start a guitar repair and creation business, but you need money. Nobody’s going to angel a business idea in a market that has low demand for guitars to someone who is unbelievably picky on what work he or she does, which also add expenses since the other things required for running a business are things you refuse to do or claim you cannot do. Instead of hunkering down and committing yourself towards putting as much effort as possible into building at least SOME skills towards doing the things you think you can’t do, the can not attitude does not instill confidence, and instills fear that the money ‘invested’ will disappear. You don’t have any money yourself so you’re requesting that everyone else foot 100% of the risk for your business. If they’re funding 100% of the business, they’re gonna want to own 100% of the business as they’re taking 100% of the risk, which you implied is unacceptable as you would become an employee since they control the company, with bosses. It is irresponsible that you feel entitled to other people’s money to play with and you have no way to pay it back if you screw up.

We’ve tried to explain numerous times that much like everyone else, you’ll need to start from the bottom and work your way up with experience, save a bit of cash as well, and then you can move to the next level. You are trying to attempt level 5 when you seem unable or unwilling to take on level 1. Like a good Mario game, entry level experience teaches you the skills to attempt the next level. From what I can see, you’re not ready for the proverbial level 5 and the fact that you continue down a doomed path headstrong is proof in my books. From what you tell us, you seem to run on the financial equivalent of a car running on exhaust fumes. From your incredibly frugal lifestyle, even a job that pays a reliable $26000 should at least get you eating and saving some money for the next level. If at this point you are unwilling to do ANY job that comes your way with a smile, then I have nothing for you since the rest of us are busy hoping we hold onto our own jobs. For two years I slogged through a buxiban job that barely paid over $40000/m and $16000/m in the summer. I HATE buxibans, I hate teaching and I still did it to get to the next level. It was so bad that I ended up suing the boss. Your unwillingness to find work for the last year or so keep you on the edge and that is what screwed yourself over. By this point, you probably would have had hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese dollars in your account as a backup.

If your response is anything short of acceptance of the admittedly blunt criticisms and suggestions written in this post…(Or posts from other generous members) Well… you know what they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make 'em drink. By the time I actually finished writing this essay, fifty two people have already looked at this topic. Take that for what you will.

If anyone else decides to turn the other cheek from previous egg-in-face encounters, then I commend their incredible patience and generosity.

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My wife had a job selling pearls to tourists. The hours were long; the pay shit.
Due to the pandemic, that job is gone.
She pounds the streets now, looking for something part-time: flipping burgers, bagging groceries, etc.
She’s 60 years old, yet not too proud to do that. If she can do it, so can you.


That is very high risk now, pounding the street and working retail is extremely high risk with covid in full force.

I am not going to pay rent next month. Can explain to him that covid has shut down all economic opportunities. He will understand.

I just found out my phone bill this month has no due date. Likely due to covid.

Foodpanda or ubereats driver?

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I do not own a vehicle, so that’s out.

You’re running out of things to whine about.


Great, I’ll just have to buy or steal a scooter.

I don’t own a vehicle. Neither does my wife.

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Just saying you can’t work ubereats without a vehicle. I mean you could, but you’d never be able to do it sustainably.

And right now, pounding the pavement is the exact thing authorities are saying not to do because that greatly increases the chance of catching COVID.

So do I ignore them because I have no choice? Besides with a lot of places closing because of COVID they aren’t going to be hiring.

7-11, McDonalds, and the such always hiring. With the new restrictions (5 people Max) the risk is diminished. You could work the kitchen, so no contact with people.

I apologise if this sounds offensive but this should have been something you solved a long time ago. The pandemic is almost a year old. You may need to make some difficult decisions now because you aren’t prepared.
Everyone is worried about themselves now, they won’t have spare work



I sometimes see people delivering for Uber Eats on bicycle, so it is possible. They will definitely need more delivery people now.


So what do you actually want to do, or what would you be willing to do? It’s probably easier for you to put forward some suggestions, since past experience has shown that any suggestions put forward by others are consistently rejected.


What I want to do:

  1. Translation work (because you don’t need to get out of the house and risk exposure) - Don’t really know how to find consistent ones

  2. Failing that, editing or something

  3. I can still do guitar or manufacturing work, shop is where I live so I do not need to get out of the house. I can work by mail if going out is not acceptable.

  4. Anything else that don’t require you to run around outside anymore than you have to.

  5. I may consider busking IF it’s legal and I can earn something. However last thing I need is fines for doing illegal things.

I think translation work is feasible, just takes the time and effort to build up the steady clients?

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