Need ideas / help regarding APRC/ARC for my mom

Hello, I am here asking for my mother who’s a Philippine passport holder
Is there anyway that she can apply for an ARC/APRC/CITIZENSHIP

She’s 62. She’s worked for 10years in Taiwan as blue collar employee, and the last 2years (2018-2019) on a white collar job (雙語言)
-we are aware that if she continues her 183days yearly of white collar job here under residency visa, she can soon apply for an APRC after 3years.

We need our mom in Taiwan because we can’t leave her in the Philippines. My sister and I are Taiwan citizens. (sister is married to Taiwanese too)

I will be bringing my kids(Philippine passport holders, processing their Taiwan passport hopefully we get it by next week) to Taiwan too and her help will be very needed.

Mom was divorced by our biological dad who’s a Taiwan citizen. They didn’t apply for her citizenship then while she was married to him.

Current COVID-19 situation not helping :sob:

Any ideas other ideas aside from working another 3years on long hours? (her previous job requires her to be awake even after work hours because she is supervising factory workers working shifts)

Thank you

Can she not get a JFRV sponsored by you? Or can only young children do that?

I saw details about JFRV but only for the spouse. I will look for more information about this. Thank you

it is only for parents of minor children at this moment.

Article 31 of Immigration Act