Need Info/Advice -> Internet/Phone Access in Kaohsiung


So I’m going to be in Kaohsiung for 5 weeks for family related matters and I need to figure out my options for telecommunications…

I’ll be staying at my gramps’ place that has no internet. Linya District.

My situation is this: I currently run two small businesses, both requiring internet. I also have a few clients I might need to have phone calls with in Canada.

What are my options? I’m currently thinking of getting a prepaid SIM Card with data and tethering (since I have a Nexus S)… but need more info on that too.

My primary concerns are safety followed by convenience and price. As I do online financial transactions, I’d rather not use a Internet Cafe or free McD’s wifi. My gramps tells me the Taiwan Cultural Centre’s library has like secured wifi after registration but that sounds iffy. Especially since my laptop is English and I have NO Chinese reading/writing capabilities whatsoever. Lived in Canada pretty much all my life.


Edit: Further research seems to show 3G will be frustratingly slow for me but none of the internet providers do anything less than 6 month contract? :frowning:

Get a contract and cancel it when you leave? You’ll need to pay a hefty breaking contract fee, is it worth it for you?