Need new and updated Visa Run advice

Hey there…this being my first post (woohoo!) after being a member for quite some time, I feel a little guilty with the length and amount of questions I am going to ask. But, I need advice, and every time I go to the big G and type in ANYTHING pertaining to Taiwan, Forumosa is in the top 10!

So, let’s get started. I’ve been here for almost 2.5 years now (American) and have made an amicable split with my ARC employer (both parties need a change). I signed the ARC release (dated 12/10).

So, now it is back to pounding the pavement for another job. I have prospects lined up (1 definite and 1 maybe. The maybe I will find out Monday. The deinite requires relocation, which I’m prepared to do). I’ve been researching a Visa run and not much of the information is up to date. So, I did a little bit of my own. Macau seems to be the bet! I live in the south and Macau Air has $6,500 round trip flights from Kaohsiung. Budget is the name of this trip for me. I have serious obligations in the States and don’t have a lot of $$ on hand. Plus, facing a possible relocation would drain some serious funds.

Now for the tourist visa. On this site,, Taiwan is offering a ‘visa-free’ stay to Americans for up to 90 days. Does this mean that I can just do a ‘turn around’ visa run? Meaning, I don’t have to go to the Taiwan immigration and consulate in Macau of HK, or wherever? Can I just go through the airport, get my passport stamped and then return to Taiwan (without having to go through the Taiwan immigration office)? Could it be that easy? Please advise.

In regards to paperwork, what should/would I have to bring?

Any advice is very helpful. Thanks in advance.

Yes. You may be able to stay in transit (you can in HK) in Macao. You will need an onward flight ticket usually for the flight carrier when you check-in.

Entry without a visa for up to 90 days for US citizens now. So you just fly out (any other country) and fly back in. And your new employers can sort out an ARC for you without you needing another run out of the country.

Some people confuse Entry without visa as Landing Visa. They are not the same. A Landing Visa costs money and is issued only to those who ordinarily would qualify for visa free but their passports have less then six months validity or they are carrying a temporary passport. Landing Visa can NOT be extended or converted but arriving Visa Free can be converted to ARC for WHITE COLLAR WORKERS.

So to recap, you leave and come back in Visa Free and have 90 days to get yourself hired and your employer processing your new ARC.

Cool tommy525, great advice!