Need quick sketches

I have this class of mixed-ability teens, many of whom lack confidence in English. I want them to ‘speak out’ without really worrying too much about the language side of things.

I’ve set them a task, which is to tell a joke or perform a sketch for their classmates. It doesn’t have to be long or sophisticated, they just have to get up and make an effort. Can anyone suggest any material that I can point them to?


Student1 is sitting on a stool, blowing into space.

Student2 approaches and asks him what he’s doing.

S1: “I’m being a fan”
S2: “A fan?” (points to real fan, or mimes) “To keep cool with?”
S1: “Yes, a fan.”
S2: “Don’t be silly.”

S2 ‘smacks’ S1 (gently) on the top of the head, and S1 continues blowing but starts to move his head from side to side in the same way that a fan does if you press the button on the top.[/i]

That’s it. Simple humour for an audience with limited language skills.

Any suggestions?