Need recommendation on brand for running shoes

I need to buy running shoes. I am a beginner, only about 5 miles per week. Are there any good local brands that make good running shoes? and any shops that are especially good to buy shoes in?

Never heard of any local brands that can compete with all the known brands (but, I don’t know enough to be really sure). I would do some research, check out running websites and see what shoes are getting praise. Also you’re going to have to set a budget, shoes range in price A LOT!

The good news is the major brands tend to be relatively cheap in Taiwan.

Really? I haven’t looked at prices of shoes in Canada in about 15 years but was at the shops the other night with my daughter looking at 3-4000NT shoes(Nike, Adidas, Mizuno) and thought the prices were ridiculous. I’m a Diadora fan. Cheap, decent shoes.

I vote for Reebok. Both pairs i bought were super nice. Comfortable and kept my feet in good shape.