Need Relgion.... Which English Church/religion?

Ok. I don’t know but I’m feeling some sort of spiritual void. The problem. I’m a member of a minority religion with almost no representation in Taiwan. At present, I would not wish to convert.

But, I do miss the sermons, philosophical discussions and fellowship. So, which branch would let me come in, not try to proselytize too much, allow me to seek family guidance from the priest or pastor etc.

I’m married to a Taiwanese who follows her fold religion which is OK, but it is not based on group fellowship, and I can’t understand it. I take that back. My wife is developing her Buddhist belief. Is there a good English speaking Buddhist master in Kaohsiung?

Well, that’s the story. Any suggestions.

I’m interested in an answer to this too. Back in the States, I went to temple 3-4 days a week. But here, it seems only old people go to temple to burn incense and make petitions to the saints.

I’d like to know if there are any Buddhist temples in the area with an active young adult group.

If not, I don’t mind going to a Christian church. I used to love going when I was in college. :rainbow: It was one of those African-American Baptist mega churches with 6,000 people and two services every Sunday. :sunglasses:

Basically, I’m looking for a spiritual community to belong to. I’d like some prayer/meditation, peaceful/cathartic singing, good Dharma talk/informative sermon, communal meal, book study, and regular weekend activities like volunteering, Games Night, or extra services (prayer/meditation/sermon).

I’m trying to learn Chinese, but right now, I can only speak very little and can’t read at all–so I’d need at least a few people there to be able to speak English and translate for me.

And, oh yeah, if it’s Christian, I’d like them not to try too hard to convert me. :wink:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!