Need Saturday hours

I teach full-time at a bushiban in Chutung near Hshin Chu and my employer is alright but has no weekend hours opportunities. If anyone out there who actually has a life and must work Saturdays but doesn’t want to, I’ll be glad to substitute for you or better yet, I’de like to hook up with a school on a regular Saturday basis. I didn’t know the difference between a cram school or any other school when I got here and now that Im working here I realize that language dept. bushiban hours make it almost impossible for weekday evening teaching as bushibans typically are afternoon/evening operations, leaving Saturday my only day to find additional work. I’ve checked a lot of job postings but so far I can’t find a school for Saturday. One other thing: Private individuals are not reliable (duh!) On two occasions I took a bus to distant cities and was stood up by two different private students, who made the appointments but never showed. Has this happened to anyone else. Just curious. dave in chutung ph-0972135423