Need some a/v help for a school play

I think this should be an easy job, but I don’t have the know how or gear to do it.

My school is having graduation ceremonies on the 24th. My class is performing a rendition of “Little Red Riding Hood” and I would like some sound work and video work done, hopefully for a CD that I can give the kids after it’s done or else give to the guy who’s going to be filming and editing the entire ceremony.

We are renting an auditorium in Shulin complete with sound system and projection TV.

I have already shot the video, and beyond that I would like seperate tracks of low level classical music to accompany it. Also would like some suspense sounds for those suspenseful moments. I also need a tune fabricated to the tune of "Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf…:

Any ideas, links, thoughts or suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks

This is how I do our school plays.

Each play has about 15 little snippets of 30 seconds or so of music to let all the kids do a bit of dancing and segue between scenes etc. I use a lot of music from lounge CDs, stuff by Mancini and stuff pillaged off various kids CDs from school. I use Audacity (search online - it’s free) to make 30 second or so clips of the audio. Don’t download clips using Kazaa or something. That’s illegal.

Once the kids know their lines well we go into the recording studio (I can probably give you contact details if you like - but I bet it’s expensive). The kids record their lines, and then I sit around with the sound engineer and insert the music in between the lines, and add a few effects and stuff.

Thent he kids rehearse more, speakign along with their prerecorded lines. When we do the show, they are acting and speaking to the CD of their prerecorded voices and the music. This means not having to stuff around with mikes, not cocking up lines and not messing up with getting the music and effects all played at the worng time.

This year we’re going to try filming it and then mixing the video directly with the audio iff CD so that we get a recording without all that background noise to make a CD to give (or probably sell, I guess) to the parents.


Thank’s Brian. I would appreciate the contact numbers. The laoban wants to put on a good show and he’s got the money to do it. The kids know the play upside down and backwards.

I’ll try to put those links to wark as well.


It’s the Milli Vanilli English School! I’m secretly shocked!!!