Need some advice or help here

[b] Hello, I’m an American currently living with my four cats in southern Taiwan, and getting ready to go back to the States. Will have to leave my current place next weekend (Aug. 27), and will be coming up to Taipei to take care of business, will probably leave Taiwan in early October if all goes well–but that is indefinite (long story).

So, here’s the problem–since I will be stuck here for a bit, I plan to ship my cats ahead ASAP to the friend I will be flatting with on my return; they just got their rabies vaccinations so the earliest they can leave the country is Sept. 13th. Trouble is, I have no place to keep the kitties in Taipei. I’ve found out the hard way that boarding them at a vet’s can be way expensive (last time it cost me over NT$1000 per day–I really can’t afford that, budget is very tight as it is!) I’m also unhappy about their staying in a little cage for that long, it’s a big stress on them. I can stay with friends, no problem–but none of them are in a situation where I could keep my cats there (they are all living with family or roommates)

Anybody have any suggestions? =^…^=[/b]

can you get anyone from where you are currently living to babysit them for a small fee? Taiwan is so small you could board them anywhere and then go get them when it is time to send them home. Also you might want to think of splitting them into groups as four cats might be a bit much for some people. Good luck with this. It is awsome that you are helping out 4 cats. I would love to give em space, but I am getting ready to leave Taiwan with my little monsters at the moment.

That’s a good idea–I’ve been trying to find some people willing to do that–I’ve asked around, and my vet put a notice up on a pet-lover’s BB–but haven’t had any luck so far. Almost all of my friends are Taiwanese, and most are very traditional in their attitude towards cats–ie, cats are vermin. The few that do like cats either don’t have any place to keep more–they are either living with their families or have roommates to consider.

I need to be in Taipei to get my paperwork problems straightened out, and so I’d really like to keep them there so I can visit them now and then (don’t want them to think they are abandoned!)–at least until they can get shipped home…And frankly, I cannot afford NT$1000/day!

And as much trouble as the li’l guys are here, I will not even consider giving them away–where I go, they go, they’re my ‘kids’, I’ve had each of them since they were tiny babies…Splitting them up may be a good idea–but right now can’t even find ONE person willing to take in a cat, don’t know how I can find two or three! If you know anyone that would be willing to help out, please do let me know! Thanks! =^…^=