Need someone to fix my computer

My computer is broken… where is a good place to take it to get fixed? There is some kind of problem where the mouse isn’t being recognized and so it won’t work (I bought a new mouse and same problem)

Send me a PM. if you live in the Gong Guan area I can help you.

Perhaps someone here can help.

what kind of mouse? (USB or PS/2)
what’s your operating system?

Is it a USB mouse? Is it recognized? Can you not attach the old mouse, or perhaps it broke?

TZone fixes computers as does NOVA.

What operating system?

Florence, ignore these fools, answer me first! me first! :laughing:

My sis is a computer geek and helped me out. We went into Safe Mode and checked to see if there was any conflict. My mouse was optical but I bought another. It also wasn’t working. The first mouse had software and the 2nd mouse didn’t. Seems to have started after we hooked up on the internet. My roomie downloaded some software and tonnes of music. But we removed all the software. AND>>> now the keyboard sometimes doesn;t work. HELP>>>>
Windows 98

I had EXACTLY the same problem after TZone installed a new motherboard. I fixed it by getting a USB mouse and restarting the computer several times using a combination of keyboard only, mouse only, mouse + keyboard etc. until it worked. Not very precise I know, but it worked for me. Still the problem would come back intermittently, and it only vanished when I installed XP.

Have you run the Windows updates for Windows 98? This fixed a lot of problems on my 2nd computer. It use to lock up weekly(actually 2-8 times a week) just from playing VCD’s and word processing, now it never locks up. It’s quite solid now, after I ran the window updates and now I can type in Japanese.

Try that, it can’t hurt.


I’m having problems with a nearly-new notebook with Win XP installed – the system has slowed to an excruciating crawl, and Word crashes every 5 seconds when it’s in the mood to do so. It takes like 3 minutes to open a program…any way to fix this? It’s an English windows system…


I have Xp installed on my notebook at home and on my tower at work. I run word and other progs on both. Both my machines are stable.

Try reinstalling Xp. Run the CD and it will install again but not delete your files if you choose that option. Or you can format the harddrive as a NTFS drive and then reinstall the whole shebang. On my notebook, this seems to work better than when my disk was FAT formatted

Yep, also got a fairly new laptop with English WindowsXP, no such problems - in fact it’s very stable and pretty fast. Try re-installing.

Call AX Service for QuickRepair :slight_smile: