Need someone to take care of errands for your valuable time?

Don’t know how to buy tickets for the exhibition or cool events, unable to find necessities online in Chinese, or feel like you are getting ripped off when you waste a ton of time and still don’t get the result you want because of the language barrier?

What’s up guys, we’re a new start-up company, for the past year our main focus is on helping expats here in Taiwan to get the service they’ve deserved.
We’re like a personal assistant who offers service to help people protect their time and solve those problems or take care of errands that might be small, but can add up and take your valuable time.
Here’s the service we are offering!


  • Arrange : hotel, taxi service, rentals, HSR or train tickets, hospital appointments, mobile plans, sim card, internet, tours, Chinese tutor
  • Research/plan : venues, vacations (domestic or international), events, reviews, restaurants, gifts, apartments, office space, gyms, bank accounts, dentist, allergist, furniture, renovations, handyman, plumber, healthcare, scooter/driver license, opening bank account, post office
  • Online shopping : groceries, Carrefour, Taobao, Alibaba, Shopee, Momoshop, Pchome
  • Find translators : Chinese to English, English to Chinese
  • Fixing : laptop, phone, car, scooter, air conditioner, washing machine and dryer, dehumidifier, pants, shirts
  • Delivery A to B : items, scooters, cars
  • Communicating : with government, immigration, visa issues, utilities, bills, electricity, internet, phone company
  • Accompany : go over the complex process in the hospital, post-office, immigration, stores
  • Need something else? Just ask.

We offer these services to help companies / individuals to increase work efficiency and quality of life, we are ready for the tasks from you.

Interested in our services and for more details, feel free to contact us!!
LINE ID: 0972534525

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