Need Taiwanese volunteer in Taipei, expenses paid

Hello, I know to job seekers a post asking for a volunteer is annoying
However, I am looking for a volunteer (initially) for the moment-
Me: a EU citizen in Taiwan already 3 years who has not yet learned mandarin, trying to get a few things done in this country while I am still here.
You: educated, kind and relaxed person with some spare time and wold experience who may be able to assist me with language and logistics during occasional visits to the capital. (I live in the south) Consider yourself initially as a walking tour guide for specific trips (to the bank, to the market etc). I ll pay an agreed rate as expense reimboursement.
The purpose:
I am trying to set up a small business in Taiwan but have not yet found anyone competent and reliable to work as a local partner, so I am hoping the volunteer could become an associate if some of the plans take off to handle some bureaucracies and communicating with customers etc. Thank you for your consideration

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