Need to buy laptop or tablet, cheap

Anyone got a cheap and still useful laptop or tablet? Urgent for a pal in quarantine.

Check momo. I believe they have some sales due to Taiwan COVID.

@Marco might have something or know someone.

whats your budget?

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Like I saw a frigging Lenovo tablet for 1000 at Guanhua…issue is going to the Computer market is currently a no no… Plus with everyone and their mother now working from home, big fat chance of finding anything cheap. We need The Cheapest Possible.

Like it is only for 2 weeks, so literally anything under 5000 NTD. Guy can come out of hibernation and get a proper one himself after his release. It’s inside he needs something to keep fighting the good internet fight.

Rental is also an option.

Why not just connect a phone to the TV? Just buy a cheap adapter + Bluetooth keyboard.

Dunno if possible in his hotel.

BTW What kind of connector is used for that?

Depends on the type of phone. Usually the connector to the TV is an HDMI….unless the hotel’s TV is super ancient.

Might work if push comes to shove but my pal is less techno savvy than yours truly.

Under 5000

I have a 13" Acer aspire. Though it’s old but web browsing is fine. Presently OS is Linux. I could send it via SF today. NT$2500 + shipping.


Might need to make the web browser icon YUUUUUUUUUUUUGE before you send it.

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In showing my lack of tech savvy, what’s that? LOL

Will ask pal if he knows how to use Linux. Thanks.

I can send you a message with pics and specs. Also if convenient you can just transfer the money after you get and test it (if satisfied).

Muchas gracias!

The app you use to browse forumosa and watch YouTube.

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