Need to clean up the air in my house

My house is dusty as hell. I would whipe a surface and in minutes the surface is full of dust… and whenever I shine a laser pen in the house you can tell there are LOTS of dusts here. What can I do to clean them up a bit?

I guess an air filter would work, But seeing how the air coming in your house is dirty, it seems to be a waste of money to get something to control your house when it’s not your house’s fault to begin with.

Best of luck tho’ :rainbow:

I spent a year living in Taipei on the corner of Keelung and HePing. It was the dustbowl from hell. I experienced every form of pollution known to man. It gave me allergies and footrot. I’d move to a more elevated position if I were you…

It is probably not dust. More likely soot produced by the ineffecient combustion of fossil fuels.

Well then

i would think the wind in hsinchu would be great for blowing all the pollution away?

Unless the wind is blowing from your apartment, I think the wind is more capable of carrying sand and dust into your apartment. :sunglasses:

The air is definetly more breathable in Hsinchu, but on those strong windy days you can have those dust particles fly in your face.

buy some of that expanding crack filler and seal the windows… it helps a lot

would that help with the noise outside? I really am sick of noisy street but I dont have money to get a proper soundproof window… last time I seen the price it is through the roof.

maybe. b&q folk might be able to tell you more. we just used it to stop wind. as we live in a quiet area i cant comment on noise.