Need to explain to my internet guy

Hi guys, I have a problem in my new apartment. I recently got my internet installed and after the first day it stopped working. The guy who installed it came back the second day and fixed the problem so that it works but it disconnects every hour (roughly). The speeds are great but disconnecting every hour is a big problem. I was able to explain the speed problem before but I don’t know the terminology to explain “connection timeout”. My older brother suggested to me that on ADSL2 lines when errors build up, the system will disconnect. If anyone can type me a message that I can send to my internet guy to explain my problem, that would be much appreciated.

Switch to an internet provider that has english phone line support. I thought they all did, but obviously not.

Have you tried unplugging everything from every phone line in your apartment except the internet.

Sometimes telephones and other devices can cause this problem.

He’s a good guy and gave me a good deal. I only pay 300 a month for 8mb down and 512kb up. I would consider switching if I hadn’t already signed a contract. Thanks anyway, I will figure out how to explain it to the guy.

Do you have a router or are you using the dial-up in Windows to connect over PPPoE? Check that you don’t have a setting that disconnects if the connection is idle or after a set point of time.

我的網路每隔一個鐘頭就會斷線. (My internet connection disconnects every hour). You could present him with something like this but what if he asks you some follow up questions? If you are unable to say this in Chinese, it is unlikely that you are going to be able to answer any of his other questions. He might want to tell you that the problem lies with your router or your software set up -in which case he is not obliged to fix it, although he might if he is as nice as you say he is. Your best bet is to have someone with you that can speak both Chinese and English so that you can at least have some dialogue with the guy about the problem.

The most common cause of regular disconnect is other devices connected to the phone line. You really need to try disconnecting everything else.

Also access your router/modem using a web browser and look at the log’s. There is probably some useful information in there telling you what is going on.

Hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I am using PPOe in windows to connect to the internet. I checked that setting you mentioned Swede and it is not the problem because my connection disconnects when I am downloading or playing games so I am pretty sure it doesn’t relate to anything idle. Big thanks so much for the translation, I think that is what I really need. I have kept a spread sheet detailing the times and periods of usage showing when my internet disconnects so I think that should help. pd, there is nothing else connected to my phone line besides the ADSL2 modem. I tried to access the modem using my browser but I am hampered by the language barrier and google translates bad translation of some of the technical terms. But after clicking through everything I can’t seem to find a place that has a log or could possibly generate a log. Going to give the guy a call now, thanks.

Sounds like a good deal as long as you can get it working properly! good luck! In some ways you are lucky as you get to be forced to practice your chinese skills (: