Need to find birth control! (nuva ring) Taichung

i use a birth control called nuva ring, it works the same as the pill but has a short shelf life so i was only able to bring over a couple packs. has anybody seen this stuff here? i have a prescription for it that was written in canada, can i use that or do i have to get one here or do i even need one at all? i’m just waiting for my resident visa right now so i’m not sure if i can even go see a dr. if i need a prescription. does anybody know of a good pharmacy in taichung where the staff speak some english?

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Why don’t you switch to the slow release patch? I think you don’t need a prescription from the doctor to get it. Most pharmacies should sell them, but not sure about Watsons.

i was on the patch but i found that in humid weather it would just slide off and i’d end up using a couple in one week, i figure it will be even worse in summer here. i still might end up going back on it if i can’t find the ring. is it as easy to get the pill from the pharmacy as it is to get the patch?

Yep pretty much. You can get the low dose ones too. I guess you are a teacher? Maybe there is a Taiwanese girl at work who can accompany you and translate.

I think the trick with the patch is to put it on when you are very dry, that way it will stick on better. My ex used to swim and jog with it so I’m pretty sure sweat and humidity have no effect.

Most pharmacies carry many different kinds of birth control. Bring an empty pack with you, and they should be able to let you know if they carry it.

If you have NHI health coverage you can go to see a doctor.

Update: I checked the DOH website, and NuvaRing is not approved for sale in Taiwan. Usually medicine takes some time to be approved here.