Need to fly LA - Fiji - Taiwan -- any suggestions?

I’m getting married in San Diego next summer, and want to do my honeymoon in Fiji. A Taiwanese travel agent told us that doing a series of one-way tickets would be more expensive than returning to LA first and then coming back to Taiwan. However, I REALLY don’t want to do LA - Fiji - LA - Taiwan, as that will shave at least 2 days off my vacation, and be a long-ass miserable end to our honeymoon!

Any suggestions as to the cheapest way to arrange this trip?

I suggest you ask for a multi-city stop using these stops:

LAX -> TPE -> FIJI -> TPE -> LAX

Just don’t use your TPE -> LAX ticket, keep it open for 1 year. See if that helps the pricing and booking. I’d recommend that you book with a US agent as the starting point is in the US. I’d also recommend that you use a Chinese/Taiwanese agent as those agents will have better pricing on flights going into and out of Taiwan. That’s been my experience.

Good luck.

Hmm, good suggestion. However, is there actually such a thing as a Fiji-Taipei flight? I believe it’d have to be via NZ or Australia. Anyway, thanks for your input. The Chinese agent in the US is a good idea - I think I recall a few back in San Diego…

Oh!!! I KNOW THIS ONE! You get Air New Zealand from LA-NZ-TPE return. You then buy a SIDE TICKET from Virgin Blue that goes from Auckland to Fiji!!!

Good one, Kick Stand. I think that’s probably the way to go. Thanks for the help.