Need to form a company to sell online?

Hello everyone; I’ve been reading Forumosa for years, and over the last few months I’ve read all I can about how to form a company in Taiwan as a laowai, etc.

My situation is this: I’m having some clothing made for me in Japan, and it will be shipped to me in Taiwan. I plan to sell it on my website, and, if need be, wholesale it to some local shops. Do I need to form a company in Taiwan to do this? Or just pay the import duties/taxes? I don’t need to form a company to sponsor me as I won’t be quitting my day job and will have an APRC soonish. Alternatively, I could marry my Taiwanese GF in short order too, that’s not an issue.

Thanks in advance!

Call Vincent at JusRegal…he usually gives folks a free consult. Tell him you heard about him from Forumosa.

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And then, give us some feedback!

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Thank you for the reply, I’ll contact Vincent and report back here.

I do wonder though, wouldn’t it be his job to sell me on his services whether I need them or not? :innocent:

Not at all, but if you are going to have a successful business, you will need an accountant. A lot of our entrepreneurs use his service as he is fast, friendly, bilingual and straight-up professional.

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Too true about having an accountant, I’ve already planned on that much.

I use Vincent and he is good. I do not feel sold to when I visit him. For importing and then reselling to other businesses, you will need a company registration. You might be able to get around it when only selling to private, however I would not know about how to do.

If they want a GUI invoice, you well… will need that. Note that opening up a company is not that hard, the accountant fees are not that huge here, so if you know that you will sell at least some, you should get out ahead.

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OK, so this is what Vincent says:

"According to government’s regulation, once your monthly sales revenue reach to TWD 80,000, must setup a business.

​I know many people doing such a business, ​most of them keeping doing business until tax officer reach to them.

Here is a link of government regulation, FYI, but sorry it’s in Chinese.​"

Great, a response, in that case start buying and selling. As a foreigner, I would be proactive when it comes to setting up a business, once I am selling for 80,000 and perhaps making a net of 25,000-30,000, I will get the company registration and then start to scale up the business in earnest.

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thanks for the feedback!

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@Super_Fire I have a question about the payment gateway you are using here in Taiwan?
I am starting my own eCommerce shop as well, different niche though, but the only payment method I can use is PayPal, which is not really common in Taiwan. I would like to get some advice which payment gateways can we use here in Taiwan?

Right now I have PayPal set up, but in Taiwan it seems to be 2Checkout and Hitrust, plus COD, and credit cards.

So there is an $80,000 a month rule, but that’s from the tax people. What about the other departments? Is that just for tax reasons, what about a business license?

I am dedicated to all export, does that somehow change things? If I made 75,000/month exporting Taiwanese agriculture products am i therefor not in need of a business license? Seems not right, especially as exporting stuff generally needs the exporters details including business license info.

I’ve tried contacting through email MOFA but not gotten much answers. And the paperwork on protected species I have had to figure out myself as they have consistently given me the wrong info in regards to CITES. Just curious what are the basic rules for exporting here as want to register it legit and expand. I have an APRC and am not legally relying on work for my visa and never was.

Cheers for any info

Interesting but I am curious as to if this is only from the Tax side of things? This then implies that under 80000NT$ per month you don’t need a business license, but still report the income as an individual … But then don’t you still need a work visa in relation to it? I guess if you have an APRC this is a non-issue, but what about for those who don’t?

I have always wondered how this can work as a foreigner living in Taiwan with an online business … I guess the business could be incorporated in another country and you could deal with the taxes there until it makes over a certain amount, asking as you are above board with declaring how much it makes.

My wife and I both have online businesses we are cultivating, and are thinking of moving back to Taiwan in the next few years - we would then have to work for 5 years ( at a different job ) before getting an APRC and we would rather not stop doing our online businesses in that period. Thus why this thread is very relevant for us - neither of out companies is likely to break the 80K NT$ threshold anytime soon. I have no idea how to navigate this problem at this point, and am up to suggestions.

I think you are right that those who don’t have an APRC need work permit to do the business.

This law may be related.

Business Registration Act

For those without open work rights. Consider getting paid in your home country and paying tax there.

@Super_Fire how’s business going after 8 months or so?

Hey Zapman, I’m plugging along; I’ve got one product, and two more in the pipeline set to be delivered over the coming weeks. Also have my products stocked in stores in Taiwan, Canada, and Australia. Just takes time to get off the ground but I’m still slowly gaining customers!


Wana provide a link? Maybe you’ll get a sale lol