Need to handle your debts in the US, I can help

You’re returning home some day, but you left behind debts and a credit report that looks like YongHe and smells even worse. When you get back, you’d like to be able to buy a car, rent an apartment . . . and get a job. But you know that your credit report will hold you back.
Today, American employers regularly check prospective employees’ credit reports to see what sort of person they are considering hiring. A bad credit report can cost you a job.

Even if an employer doesn’t check your credit report, any place extending you credit – a car loan, home loan, credit card, or even a cellphone contract – will check your credit rating. A low credit score can result in higher payments or denial of service.

I begin by:
-Getting a copy of your credit report
-Going over the credit report with you to verify information
-Contacting creditors to arrange repayment plans
-Writing checks for you if you do not have a checking account

Repayment can take any of four forms:
-Paying each debt off as you are able to do so.
-Settling with creditors, which may involve partial payment.
-Filing for bankruptcy.
-Ignoring the debt and hoping that it falls off after 7-10 years.

These have various advantages and disadvantages:
-Paying off a debt clears it off your credit report quickly.
-Settling will stay on your credit report for seven (7) years and will lower your credit score. Once the debt appears as settled, you may try to challenge it, and if the creditor doesn’t respond, it will be dropped by the credit reporting agencies.
-Bankruptcy is a complex process that will stay on your credit report for seven years. In some cases, this may be the best course of action. Bankruptcy laws and procedures vary from state to state. We will refer you to an attorney in the U.S. if you wish to pursue this.
-Ignoring debt will keep your credit score low until such time as the debt collection agencies give up. At the least, this takes years, and it may never happen.

In addition, for debt repayment, we realize that not everyone has a checking account in the U.S. We can write checks for you, for a fee. We require full payment in advance for this service.

$600 - Initial One Hour Consultation
$1200/hour - For the investigation and calling of debt collection agencies to ascertain the validity and amount of debts. Includes the cost of international phone calls made on your behalf.
Check fee: I understand that some customers may not have access to a checking account to use to pay off the debts. I will write a check on your behalf as long as the following two conditions are met:

  1. I am paid in advance for the full amount in NT$ or US$
  2. I charge 1NT for each US of the amount of the check (i.e. $2000US check has a $2000NT fee)

Why use our service?
-We find out what your total debts are, ascertain their validity, and discuss settlement amounts with your creditors.
-We deal with the debt collectors as a neutral third party. You will not need to talk with them yourself, thus avoiding harrassment by the debt collectors.
-We arrange to pay off your debts in lump sums or in monthly payments. Debt collectors would rather get a one-time settlement than be paid off over time because they have a very short period of time to be paid off on a debt.
-We don’t have to report you to the U.S. credit agencies for inquiring about debt counseling services.
[color=red]Debt counseling services in the U.S. are required to report your initial inquiry to the credit agencies, which immediately impacts your credit! We don’t have to do this. We are not in the U.S. By taking care of your credit while still in Taiwan, you avoid tainting your U.S. credit report.[/color]

For more information about our services, please contact:

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