Need to ship boxes to Taiwan, but don't have an address yet!

Hello everyone

I’m a British woman. I’ve been living and teaching in Hong Kong for 5 years, and will move to Taiwan in January.
I need to ship around 3 boxes from HK to TW, mainly clothes, some household items. However, I will find an apartment after I arrive, so I have no address to write on the boxes. I don’t know anyone in Taiwan, who could take the delivery for me.
I contacted one carrier (SF Express) who said they could only hold my stuff for 3 days (I need at least 1 week).
Has anyone else been in this situation before? What did you do?

Any help much appreciated.

Regards, T

try mailing to 7-Eleven outlet.
I know you are in HK, but even now FedEx ships to 7-Eleven in Taiwan. Maybe from HK 7-Eleven?

I think there limit is 3kg or something.

Or someone in HK can help you out and send it after you arrive in Taiwan?

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Poste restante at the post office might work if you’re OK with slower shipping (non-express).

I used this company, they shipped to Keelung port. And as I had no address I then had to arrange another set of movers in Taiwan to collect it from there once I had an address. It was cheap, they charge by the cubic meter…:smile:

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Maybe contact Steven the Mover and ask about storing your stuff in their warehouse in Xizhi while you do your apartment search

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Send it with SF, nothing else really makes sense if you got 3 boxes of clothing.

They will hold it for longer than 3 days, that’s just the official policy. Go to the store in TW where your stuff is and plead for more time, if they refuse(which is unlikely) just resend the stuff to a nearby fake address and when they call you tell them you will collect it from the store, which gives you another 3 days

Wow, a lot of helpful information here.
Big thank you to all who contributed.

I think I’ll go with SF express, also there’s one downstairs from my apartment, so I don’t have to drag the boxes far!
I’ll update the thread, to say how it all went.

I’ll be arriving in Taichung, in January.
I’m a 34-year-old woman from London, been living in Hong Kong for the past 5 years, teaching English.
I love hiking and nature, cooking + healthy lifestyle, art and music. If anyone is into similar stuff, I’ll be looking to make friends :slightly_smiling_face:

I heard someone say you can send something “postal rentente” or something and it will go to the big post office next to the Taipei main station, and you would go there to pick it up…