Need urgent help! Moving back to Canada from Taiwan

HEY I am in a desperate need of help! I am moving back to Canada lately (crazy packing) and face the problem of 2 luggage limitation of 23 kg each for this international move. I moved here 4 years ago, and with that amount of time, you end up with a lot of stuff. With 2 XL luggages packed and a small carry on, I have leftover stuff about another 1-2 XL luggage’s amount of stuff which I’m stuck with not being able to bring to Canada. I threw out a ton of stuff already, the remainder are basically cute Asian clothing which I’m not in a rush to use (sorry the clothes in Asia are too awesome!)
I’m flying on Air Canada and an extra luggage is about $225 CAD which I am considering. I’ll would have to buy an XL luggage for at least $2000NT if choosing this option, totalling $8000 NT which is a lot…
I considered using post office mailing but there’s boxing size limitation and super expensive as well…

Any ideas what other options I have? How did anyone else deal with moving when leaving Taiwan?? Thanks!

Break it down into smaller boxes and send surface to Canada. There is surely no rush for those things. You’ll probably get them in a couple of months.
Get a tape measure and work out if you can send the boxes and weigh them of course. You’ll get a price here:


My family and I emigrated to Canada from Taiwan three years ago. We basically put our lives into 20 boxes of 20kg each and shipped them surface airlifted (SAL). One item (a full-size electric piano) was shipped by EMS. Even for EMS the price worked out better than the price you’ve been quoted for an additional piece of luggage.

Oh wow! That’s…quite amazing actually. And that was mailed through the post office I assume (from what I researched online)? And how did you get the boxes? And even with the piano it totaled to below $8000 NT?

Mailing stuff from Taiwan to other countries is usually a lot less than the other way around. Look into air mail though as surface takes 3 months and Ive heard stories of them not arriving.

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I am sure they have boxes for sale at the post office.
If not, you can find them at any carrefor for free. You could get some today and start packing. If there are heavy items, I suggest a glue gun with enough glue sticks for it (cheap from hardware stores) and tape - but a few rolls of big stuff.

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Sorry, I wasn’t entirely clear, what I meant is that the cost per kilo is less than your luggage cost per kilo. You’re paying NT$8000 for a suitcase, but you could mail 20kg for (I don’t know the exact cost today) say NT$2500. Even the electric piano I sent by EMS cost less than NT$5000 and it was very large (less than 20kg though - maybe 13?).

I got boxes from a friend. The post office has boxes but they’re not very large. Depending on what you’re shipping (books are small and heavy, clothes are bulky but light) the boxes from the post office won’t be enough. I made my own packaging for the piano with layers of bubble wrap and boxes that I cut up and taped together.

Incidentally, do you have to leave Taiwan right now? I know where I’d rather be given Canada’s rather reactive approach to the unfolding disaster of the coronavirus.

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