Need Used Baby Necessities

Hi all! I’m new here. If God permits, I’ll be delivering my second child on Sept.2013. This is a surprise for us this year, since we actually didn’t plan to have any other child (I’ve been miscarriaged 4 times in a row after delivering my first child). I’m trying to find used stuffs for my baby. I’ve searched online but haven’t found any secondhand baby store in Taipei. If you know any information about it or have some stuffs you want to sell or share, please kindly let me know, thanks. This is my email :

There is a very active Facebook group “Play it Forward - Children’s Stuff to Buy and Sell”, where you can pick up lots of baby and children’s items. I sent you an invitation email to the address you gave. You can tell people what you are looking for. Twice a year, there is a huge charity sale where you can pick up baby and children’s items. I’m not sure if they next one will be in September or October. I will post information here when the time comes.

Many thanks! I’ve joined the group already, hope I can find what I want at the right time :slight_smile:

Where is this huge charity sale? Do you have a link or any other information?

I’m not sure it will happen this season, yet. I’d suggest joining Play it Forward in the meantime.