Need violin bow re-haired

I need my violin bows re-haired. Anyone know a dependable luthier in Taipei?

(one a sidenote, anyone need a jazz/folk/modern violin player?)

I don’t personally know a dependable archetier in Taibei (cool, learned a new word today!), but if you don’t get any better answers, perhaps you could start with asking at the shops that sell violins; they’re certain to provide such a service or know who can, right?

[quote=“sandman”]There’s a shop on Heping East Road, just one building to the east of Roosevelt road on the second floor that specializes in violins, cellos, etc.
There’s another one on Fuxing S. Road very close to the intersection with Xinhai Rd. They’re on the ground floor[/quote] (from [url= thread)

[quote=“daltongang”]there are a few violin places upstairs in a building on hoping a few over from the starbucks on roosevelt. [/quote] (from [url=

Try the Yamaha store on Fu Xing S Rd a little south of Jen ai (Howard Plaza).

I wish I can help… I mainly deal with guitars.