Needing help

It is a possiblity my fiance will be getting a job in taiwan next year. I, myself, am not specialized in anything as he is and I was wondering if anyone might know any job possiblities I might have. Currently we live in germany and I am a nanny who babysits, cleans and helps the family practice their english. However, I am not a certified teacher and I do not know the limitations, if there are any, for doing this in taiwan. Also, does anyone know if I will have any trouble getting a residence permit? My fiance and I will not be married by the time we would be moving to taiwan. Here in germany I am considered his domestic partner because we have been living together for 3 years but I haven’t seen this option on any of the sites I have been browsing through. I also saw to get a residence permit you have to have a job.

          If anyone can offer and answers to my questions or any help at all it will be greatly appreciated.
          My skills and education include High school diploma, certified nursing assistant course completion, singing, acting, painting, english speaking and minimal german 
          Thank you for any help!