Needing information

I need some help in finding information. I am married to a Taiwanese, an Amis aboriginal. We want to buy a house and I have heard that Aboriginal’s in Taiwan are eligible for government bank loans at lower interest rates? Is this true? And where would I get this paper work/information from. I have searched websites but I am unable to find anything. Thanks.

Why can’t your wife search for this info? Oh, that’s right, Taiwanese are hopeless at finding info outside their circle of frinds and family. The only forumosan I can think of who is married to an aboriginal is Satellite Jim; he’s a friendly Aussie guy who installs satellite TV systems throughout the island.
He might be able to steer you in the right direction. His contact details are on his
website, He uses forumosa so you could send him a PM (private message)

Click here - or get your spouse to do it.