Needle free insulin injectors

My Mom in law needs a new insulin injector as the one she’s been using for 8 years has broken.

Anyone know of a supply company in Taiwan where she can get this thing?

here’s the write up from a US healthcare company:

[quote]The Medi-Jector VISION« is a compact, Needle-Free injector that’s easy to use. Just dial up the dosage and inject . Comfortable-no needle and a quick injection. Reliable-because you can clearly see the dose! Take your insulin injections without using needles! The Medi-Jector VISION® is a precision needle-free drug delivery system with an advanced design and modern styling, making it smaller, lighter, and less expensive than previous models. The Medi-Jector VISION® uses pressure to create a micro-thin stream of insulin that penetrates the skin and is deposited into the subcutaneous (fatty) tissue in a fraction of a second.

Simple – just dial up the dosage and inject
Comfortable – no needle and a quick injection
Reliable – because you can clearly see the dose

Includes the following:

Medi-Jector VISION® Injector
Injection Supply Start-up Kit (2 Needle-Free Syringes and 2 Vial Adapters)
Carrying case with compartments for extra supplies and insulin vials
Instruction Manual
Training Video

Medi-Jector VISION® is the needle-free way to a more independent lifestyle for people who take insulin. This advanced injection system uses disposable Needle-Free Syringes that allow easy viewing of the full insulin dose in the tip.[/quote]

Medi-Jector VISION® can be used with all brands of U-100 insulin in standard 10 ml vials.

Thanks a bunch


That Shanghai Pharmacy near the 2/28 peace park?

Someone should have the number, or address.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]That Shanghai Pharmacy near the 2/28 peace park?

Someone should have the number, or address.


anyone? :slight_smile:

From another thread:

[quote]Shanghai Pharmacy on Hengyang St near the 2/28 Peace Park[/quote].
It’s not a big street.


I am diabetic and would love to get my hands on one of those. I am in Taichung anyone know of a place.


just called them…no go. :frowning:

Is this what you are looking for?

SHL is one of the world’s largest medical injector manufacturers and they are located in Taoyuan.