Negotiating Pay wage

Hey i was just wondering if anyone has any info on whether schools negotiate wages regularly, or if you just take what you are offered. I have no BA and very little experience. If so what is the best angle to take when asking for more money.

Ps Does anyone have any experience with or info on SCOTTS SCHOOL.


I wouldn’t go around telling people I had no BA for starters. Check

Not neccessarily, I don’t have a degree either.
So what is the best way to ask for a pay rise ? Apart from on your knees.

If you are re-signing up then I think you should document your performance (have you lost many students, if any? how much time have you taken off? have you done a little more than what was asked?). Then you might be in a better position to ask for more money.

For all teachers…length of time spent in Taiwan or at a particular school is less a factor than performance.

If this is a new school I would look for a raise at least once a year. Every six months would be okay but expect those raises to be smaller.

Also make sure that you fully understand what is needed for you to get a raise.

Good luck in your quest for loot :smiley: