Neighbor from hell

Talk about neighbor from hell. Good thing guns are not as readily available in Taiwan or I am sure there will be a few deaths or more than a few with all the wackiness that goes on.

He is a chronic nuisance in his neighborhood," Oakland police officer Alejandro Padilla wrote of Thomas in a probable cause statement.

Same with reporting stalkers.

A GoFundMe for Armstead’s family has raised more than $67,000 so far. According to the posting, Armstead’s fourth child is due in August.

But…but the victim was a wealth management banker. And in that neck of the woods, I would assume that he was making good $$ and was insured.

This is why I don’t do GoFundMe projects. Never know who’s really benefiting from them.

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I’ll hazard a guess that the people who invested in GFM benefit from it. :2cents:


Yes, that part stuck out to me too.

If people choose to give to GoFundMe that’s their choice. I don’t because so often it’s people using it as a replacement for insurance.

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That’s one of many issues I have with GFM especially in America.

How did we get to a point where legit fundraising has become full-on capitalism? (rhetorical question)

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This story is one of the reasons I prefer to rent and invest the money somewhere else.
If a crazy neighbor comes by, it’s much easier to move when you are renting.


OR: if you own, you are more inclined to fix the situation (rather than ignore it) and over time society benefits from assholes becoming fish food.

That is one of the only advantages of renting, you can move.

Are we assuming his salary? Guy has four kids. Anyone start a gofund me for Kobe?

Looky looky:

As if the Bryants couldn’t just fund their foundation with the insurance money…and the lawsuit money…and all the other money.