Neighborhoods - Living in Nangang?


I prefer New Taipei City to Taipei City, specifically Sanxia. It’s newer, has real honest to goodness sidewalks with no scooters on them. Fantastic parks and open university grounds. Quiet and has fantastic views. About a half hour drive to Nangang. The new MRT line will be finished in a few years, they’ve already started it. Sanxia has a distinct western feel to how the city was planned out. The homes are modern and affordable and new businesses are opening up every day. Jason’s Supermarket just opened a street level store. First time I’ve seen one that wasn’t in a department store. Sanxia has a big Carrefour, Hola and B and Q. It has the old street on the other side too. A movie theater is also being built.

Maybe, if you like the western feel, give it a shot.

Sanxia is split into two, Old Sanxia and New Sanxia. Here are two pictures of the old area and new area. See? Sidewalks!!!



30 minute drive? is that even possible?


With good traffic, yeah.
But probably more like 40 or 45min.
Google maps says 39.


You should explore the below area, nice clean, a little upscale.

Chongyang Road, Nangang District
Xiangyang Road, Nangang District
Chenggong bridge.


Thank you - I will check it out!


Thank you for the info - it is probably too far from the office, but it looks worth checking out once we are able to explore the greater Taipei area.


If you work in Nangang, you might also consider living in Neihu. The brown line runs from Neihu to Nangang exhibition center MRT, but you would need to live close to the MRT station for it to be feasible.


It’s pretty close to Nangang, bus or MRT (2 stops)


Sorry wafflestop, that reply was intended for SuiGeneris who recommended checking out Old Sanxia and New Sanxia.

I will be looking at the areas you recommend sooner!:grinning:


Honestly, the area around the lakes in Neihu is awesome. I would also live around Miramar…If I had the budget. Convenience, nature trails, entertainment, metro all in one.


Check out Neihu, Dahu and Dazhi first. Icons suggestions are good.


So many good suggestions!
Wish we had longer to get to know the different parts of the city better and also to coincide with a place that fits our requirements and budget becoming available.


There’s no such a District called Dahu.


Whateva man.


Dahu is more of a lifestyle choice…


Nangang is close to work, but somewhat out of the way when you go out for some drinks or want to go to a more western restaurant.

If you want green, I would highly suggest Neihu. Especially the stretch between Bihu and Dahu areas. It might be a 10-15 minute walk to the MRT stations if you live farther out from the MRT, but it’ll definitely be much more comfortable neighborhood to live in.

I was looking at apartments near the Qingbai Park 清白公園 near Neihu MRT and that place is pretty nice. You won’t have to worry about too much congestion on the weekends since the roads there are wide and some even double yellow line two way traffic.

I will mention one thing about commuting via MRT on the Wenhu/brown line. It gets heavily congested since the compartments are the smallest and the line does cover a pretty long route! Nonetheless, if you were commuting from Neihu/Dahu down to Nangang Software park, it doesn’t get that crazy since most people would be headed towards Gangqian and Xihu since that’s where Neihu Software Park is.


Until the new MRT line will be finished it’s a long commute to Nangang from any Sanxia.


You’d need to drive or get a bus. I’m sure there are direct buses but not always ideal.
I like Sanxia and could easily imagine living there and working in Nangang but it’s not for a temporary resident new to the island who isn’t going to drive .


Lot’s of buses from Sanxia to the Blue line stations (Dingpu and Fuzhong), but it still takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to get to Nangang


Yes it’s a long way by MRT. Driving would be quick if avoiding rush hour .