Neighbours - I can't take it anymore

She didn’t like you bombarding her with letters?

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Alright, I gotta do something about this. I should be out there enjoying this lovely weather but I’m not because of the weird nocturnal bastards. Well, because of that and because I’m sipping on my coffee.

I think I’ll talk to other neighbour who shares walls with this family of cunts and with the acoustic paranoid upstairs. Indeed, the latter should be pretty fed up by now if he still lives here, and in the past he already lost it a couple of times because of real or imaginary sounds. He should be a good allay except for he doesn’t even mumble English. Perhaps the two legged mule the other neighbour has a boyfriend would be more helpful.

she complained about me being passive aggressive, i said i just learned to be non-confrontational in asia…


yes, that would be difficult to balance

So you have nice views and it’s cheap. But the neighbors on all sides are noisy and annoy you ? You are woken during the night and knocking on their doors or they come to you because they believe you are noisy ?

I can’t see it changing. The guy above you , you feel is sensitive to noise. But the people who disturb you are assholes.

Right. I thought that you, as others did, were talking about something like this:

sorry, no. i couldn’t sleep with that on my head, either! my smart speaker white noise options, but i haven’t been in a position to try it

It’s the equivalent of making death threats at your neighbors. Yes, it’ll be taken very seriously in this very superstitious society.

Put it this way, if you can’t call the police and get it sorted out that way, then there’s no solution for you. Things like white envelopes puts your health at risk.

Knocking on doors in the middle of the night accusing people also could potentially be bad for your health.

That was already explained in this thread. the combination of envelope and money. However, if you read carefully, I’m asking about just the envelope itself.

I have heard that living puts you at risk of dying.

you’re really angry at everyone now. go cool off. you’re getting advice, take it or leave it…but don’t ask if your moods can’t handle the answers you get.

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Not really. I’ve been discussing options here for a week and you are the only one I’ve asked to read again what was written. There must be a reason for that, don’t you think so?

I’ve found these conversations are much more effective at the flashcard level, e.g.:


Maybe YOU can tell me what’s special about that flowered white envelope? I need to leave soon. I give you 4 minutes 56 seconds.

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Maybe it is funeral hong bao? I don’t know, I came to Forumosa to learn about Taiwan before I go but apparently those with special knowledge aren’t sharing…

Neighborly love


Those white envelopes (奠儀/白包) are used for cash gifts to the immediate families of the deceased at funerals. The monetary amounts should be in odd numbers, whereas the amounts for red envelops should be even.


“You mean you won’t give me the satisfaction of watching you throw a temper tantrum aka lose control?!”

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And if you find one on the street, don’t pick it up unless you want a ghost bride… or groom.

(Wait – now that same sex marriage is legal, do you automatically consent to marry any ghost regardless of gender by picking up the envelope? Or is same sex ghost marriage only legal for the ghosts who died after the law changed?)


That only applies to red envelops… No Taiwanese is going to pick up a white envelop on the street.

Also don’t pick up ghost money on the street.