Neighbours - I can't take it anymore

OP isn’t Taiwanese though… :ghost: :email: :eek:

I mean that’s why you will not see white envelops intentionally left on the street for someone to pick up. People will avoid them like plague.

In addition to ghost marriage, a red envelop that contains hair or fingernails is supposedly used to transfer bad luck from the one placing it to the one picking it up…

Just leave a note that says “If you’re going to party every Friday/Saturday night you can invite me over to drink with you.”
Your original post reminded me of my shitty neighbours a few floors down. They started leaving nasty messages in the elevator in English but not signing them. Everybody in the building worked out who wrote them pretty quick and the guy’s wife was pretty embarrassed. He was blaming me for banging the walls at 4am in the morning. So then everyone in the building started hearing the same kind of noise. But at all different times starting from around 11pm and going through to 7am.
Turns out it was water hammer from the water pipes after air had gotten into the pipes after the power went out in the building. Plumbers had to come and release all the pressure and run clean water through the pipes. Took like half a day and looked like the street was flooded while they were doing it. Not long after that the same guy’s kid stole his Mercedes Benz and took it for a joyride. Nobody in the building seemed to care all that much. The kid has been sent to live with his grandparents down the road. Again.

I’ll share my noise story, only because it’s the only time I’ve ever successfully pulled off a Taiwan-style psyop, with the disclaimer this probably shouldn’t be repeated.

I had upstairs neighbors who were running some kind of company out of the apartment and would stomp around and move boxes across the floor every night. Tried asking politely, got the “so sorry of course we’ll be quiet” and then they went right back to it. Tried asking politely again and they went full asshole, yelling and slamming the door. Tried asking the other neighbors–they said with a completely straight face it was most likely ghosts. Asked the landlady to get involved and she said it’s none of her business.

At this point I decided the only person who has any real leverage in this situation is the neighbor’s landlord, so I casually let slip to my landlady that the only reason I could think of that they’d be making noise like that at night is that they’re doing drugs and oh by the way it’s a shame because that’s such a dangerous environment and I’ll probably have to move out which is too bad because I really love this place and oh imagine what it could do to the property value, etc. etc.

The next day she got on the phone with the neighbor’s landlord and the noise stopped, for good.


Can completely understand that, the Sentra could easily park way over to it’s right and reverse in so the drivers door doesn’t hit the Merc. Coming back to your car and finding your neighbor has flung their door open yet again and dinged your door gets old real fast, especially the ones that try to deny it when you were sitting in the car at the time!

Whatever crossed eyed idiot painted the lines is also to blame…

The news story said he refused to do both, even after the community leader and guard said he could park near the pillar if he had trouble backing in. He said he wanted to follow the rules and stay within the box. More Taiwan fake SJ like the camera cops.

Then the Nissan guy sued the nail guy.


You can completely understand someone building a nail-studded barricade to protect their precious entry-level Benz? :unamused:

Absolutely, even if it was an entry level 5th hand Luxgen I’d understand. There’s obviously a history there. Anyone who drives any sort of a car here or even a motorcycle will understand.

Seems like they’re both being knobs about it, the Sentra guy especially so as he could easily resolve the issue at no pain to himself. The bicycle and scooter parking are just dick moves.

Sounds like Sanchong Syndrome to me.

I mean, there are obviously other, civilized ways this situation could be handled. It’s a blight on Taiwan that this sort of nonsense is tolerated.

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Reminds me of the idiot that watched me swim 20 laps and then came into my lane, swam in front of me, stopped in the middle of the lane, and when I crashed into him he claimed I assaulted him and demanded the centre call the police because it was all on CCTV. He seemed even more upset that nobody gave a shit about him and his delusions and when he noticed everyone was laughing at him he finally left.


How does the Benz guy get the car out? The barriers are all the way underneath the chassis of his car. There are much better heavy duty ones you can get that are the entire length of the car that would be way more suitable for this situation. I’m guessing the manhole covers are supposed to be left clear hence the stupidly designed parking bays.

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Take a read of the article, the Benz guy seems to have exhausted every civilized avenue before resorting to this. The nails were apparently added later after the other guy started leaving the bicycle and scooter there right at the door positions.

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No idea, with difficulty I imagine! Looks like a staged photo anyway, he could park his car much more forward. According to the article he did install a fixed barrier originally but was forced to remove it by the management committee. I’ve seen another guy resort to having to hang rubber floor tiles down the side of his car as his neighbor kept banging his door into it.

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I’ve seen the rubber floor tile mats plenty of times. The barriers I’m talking about aren’t fixed. Just a lot more heavy duty. And you can get them with the legs at the bottom that turn so he’d only have to turn the front one so it was in line with the barrier, park his car, then turn the legs back to make it completely stable. The guy next to him would do more damage to his own car even without the weird nail construction thing the current set up has going for it. Really just shows how petty people can be. There’s obviously a lot of history between these two. Maybe one day one of their parents will die and the apartment they’re living in will have to be sold. Seems like it’ll be the only way to solve the problem.

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I’d wait for the guy to leave. Buff the white lines and get some new ones painted. Make sure it’s approved by management first so there’s no way it can come back. The Nissan guy seems to be a complete douche.
Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 4.27.25 PM
Something more like this would be way better.

You should have seen the look on my landlord’s face after I had slipped it under his door with my rent in it. The envelopes looked sort of nice and I’d run out of the red ones so…


Oh man, I would love to hurt myself on these nails and sue the living shit out of that guy!

JHC some things shouldn’t be said aloud. That’s sad, especially since the nail guy is clearly in the right.

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