Neighbours - I can't take it anymore


Weeks ago I couldn’t take it anymore (ha! the title!) and talked to the security guard (actually I was looking for the building manager but i ended up talking to this guy). I told him via google translate that the cunts downstairs wouldn’t stop making noise and shouting like schizophrenic asshole, and for some reason he said that also other people say that my “voice is too loud”. That’s weird, might be a funny translation for me being noisy too. Again, strange, I’m not really noisy at home. Anyway, he went up to the animal family’s door and since they wouldn’t open he shouted at them to shut the fuck up (I think).

Days later I left the house for CNY and apparently my neighbour talked to the building manager about noise and people moving furniture, supposedly because the conversation I half had with her. Someone put a note on the lift because of that, but the recurrent door slamming was not mentioned…

Moving forward some days… I realized that the next door idiots seem to have left lol. Maybe they were the ones who told someone that I was noise, maybe because the family downstairs making noises, maybe because of my two late night visits to their door, maybe because of both things. Whatever, I’m happy with them going quiet.

The animals downstairs seem to be overall quieter, but not totally. They still slam the door every now and then and the kids sometimes make noise, but there’s a small improvement, I think.


One of the the worst parts of living in Taiwan are the crazy neighbors. Your building is almost always guaranteed to have one or two, and if you’re are a foreigner your complaints will be ignored. I would move in this situation…

Aha! You just said every building has bad neighbors and then told him to move. But if every building has them you’d be moving from the frying pan to the frying pan. :thinking:



And actually that’s a good point, jokes aside.

right…but I would rather take the move and risk it than stay in the current situation

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See this as an opportunity to look for better digs , switch things up a bit , penthouse tie pi Wu for the gals ?


Just contact the bamboo union goodfellas. They specialize in such tricky situations or so I’ve heard


And if nothing else works …


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There are different levels of crazy. Our neighbours are bonkers, but harmless.

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An ex’s father was friends with the Bamboo Brotherhood’s leader’s brother. But I suspect he would rather use his guanxi against me instead of for helping me.


大聲 doesn’t necessarily refer to your vocal cords.

But more importantly, it’s 2021, and you’re still relying on gootran?! :astonished:

cat for shame gif (Sylvester Jr)

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Yeah, I suspected it.

So the reason for the next door’s neighbours to be quieter is that they become a single short, round shape, probably homoerotic female body. Good. Now I only need to explain her that the noises she hears in the morning (like today at 7:30 AM) come from downstairs and that maybe she should talk to her landlord about it.


I’m having trouble figuring out what you literally translated that from. :idunno:


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Masalanese…the spicy language.

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I have this exact device. It’s improved my quality of sleep immensely. I live in a large high-rise, the building soundproofing should be better than it is. And my hearing is very sensitive I suppose. This Lectrofan unit works wonders.


Can it be modded?

What like if it calls another poster a dickhead?


lol, no, to play 8-bit drum machine noises and stuff

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