Neighbours - I can't take it anymore


I’ve this, cheaper!

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Anal plugs ?


That would definitely take my mind off of the neighbours’ noise!

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My neighbors… a family… have had the police called on them a couple times. It’s parents and a 13 year old daughter. We heard screaming so bad, we thought someone was getting murdered once. I almost intervened because I thought the daughter was getting abused. Then one day I opened the hallway door while the screaming was happening right outside and I realized all that time it was coming from the petite 13 year old, not the mom! :flushed:

I had a similar experience! Everyday the little girl would come home and make noises outside my door which would send my dog crazy barking, she doesn’t bark unless provoked.

I wanted to ask the parents to tell her to stop this (in a way training my dog to bark)…

Looking through the spy hole…it’s the mother not the daughter.


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Cheaper, yes. I’m not a fan of having something jammed in my ears to block out all sound though. Rather unpleasant.

Ear plugs never really work for me. Also if you turn sideways, that has to be uncomfortable.

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Appearances can be deceiving.


So, these things are 12 inches long and 4 wide, no??

I’ve seen the videos.

Mad Masala has them now.

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Some updates:

  1. The next door’s flat is occupied by not one but two young women. That reinforces my assumption of that rounded human being being a lesbian. I’ll pay more attention to any nightly noises coming from their place…
  2. My ex neighbour, who moved out because of the noises, is coming today to talk to the building manager, and maybe also to the neighbours two floors down. I think it would be good to dilute my presence in whatever complaints are being finally made to the family of beasts
  3. Small “problem”: now that I got some help to make sure the problem is properly explained in Chinese… I can tell that the family had tried to be quiet these last days. They haven’t been super quiet, but shouting and doors slamming incidents having been considerably lower. I think they got the message after I hit the floor with my slippers a few times right after their noises. I even feel bad for them (well, almost)



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Well, better than square I guess.


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Exciting developments!!!

ex neighbour and I go to talk to the building manager. He will post a warning about noises (this time more detailed) and then a week after that will ask the people living two floors below if they have heard any noise

a moving company guy was spotted by my other neighbour, and I met (twice) a lovely elderly couple in the elevator… who went straight into the cunts flat. I assumed they would be the grandparents of the beast kids, but… there’s the chance that the old guys are moving in and the family moving out! Alternatively, maybe instead of hearing 4 people I’m going to have to cope with 6 people’s noises…